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Meet Omniblonde

Blonde haircare blonde shampoo colour repair

Do blondes really have more fun? We think so, especially when they have the new Omniblonde to treat their beautifully sunkised hair with. If you didn’t know Omni is a latin prefix meaning ‘all’ or ‘every’ – so there really is something for every blonde in this new haircare range. 

With 30-40% of the population now lightening their hair; and being in a world of ingredient-concious clients who are after high-performing results, who better to create an awesome haircare brand than two blondes themselves. Anette Thrane and Lene Mønster – together, they’re thrill-seekers, hair fanatics and partners in creativity that strive to push boundaries and understand that hair is ultimately an important part of an individual’s identity.

Anette & Lene

“Our goal is to provide professional hair products that are clinically proven to repair and rebuild the hair—leaving it healthier, stronger and shinier,” explains Anette Thrane, Omniblonde Co- Founder.

Omni Lightening Defense complex

So what makes Omniblonde so special? It works by treating both the inside and outside of the hair strand. It binds to hair cuticles, effectively repairing the hair from the inside and offering long-term protection on the outside. The result: stronger, shinier hair and less frizz.

The range

Within the Omniblonde portfolio you will find four different ranges:

  • Rejuvenation
  • Cool Signiture
  • Magically Transforming
  • Styling Finish

PLUS the Clean Up Your Act Detox Shampoo. Every single product has been formulated for blondes, from the Rejuvenation range which is designed to repair, maintain and nurture blonde hair to the Cool Signature range that tones, restores and ultimately delivers a high shine finish.

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