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Let’s talk 2024 trends

It’s that time of year… we’re almost at the finish line. So, looking ahead, we’re talking about 2024 trends. After all, your clients will want to stay on top of the latest styles, and it’s your job to help them. We’ve enlisted stylist, educator and salon owner Lea Shaw for some advice. Which cut and colour trends will hit the ground running in the new year? Let’s see what Lea thinks… 

2024 trends…colour talk:  

Lea: Colour-blocking will continue growing in 2024; you’ll see this in experimental blondes. This might be in the form of chunky 90s panels in muted and metallic shades rather than the super-vibrant colours from this year.  

Global colours will be popular with more solid reds; think cherry, wine and berry. Brunettes, especially espresso shades, will also be on the rise. Also, coppers in amber and amaretto.  

Blondes have been warm this year; I think that might shift towards more icy tones and raw blondes – what TikTok calls “buttercream” and “linen blonde.”  

Lea’s cut and styling predictions   

Lea: Cut-wise, it will continue getting shorter and more layered, like Cameron Diaz in the early naughties. We saw strong, embellished accessories at fashion week this year, which I can already see creeping in. Beachy glam waves are on the way out, with more natural texture on the rise, which I love.  

Lea is pretty certain you’ll see all the above trends in early 2024. We look forward to seeing if she’s right!   

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