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Honest Salon Leadership

Joe Hemmings, founder of Bloggs brand, launches Honest Salon Leadership, a business mentoring program. Joe wants to support other salon and business owners in the hairdressing industry. We hear that Joe Hemmings introduced significant changes to his award-winning salon group prior to the pandemic, which strengthened his business. 

Bloggs Salon, Millennium Promenade, Bristol

So, what were some of the big changes Joe made? Changes included: flexible employed working hours, closing on Saturdays, removing holiday structure, raising wages to above the working wage and uncapping commission. Joe says that although all these were tangible changes there also needed to be a change in leadership mentality to make them work. 

Joe says: “When I first set out, I believed a successful salon owner was led by numbers but experience taught me it is about leading with emotion. In 2018 I moved my focus away from turnover and towards coaching the team. 100% of my team are people, 100% of our clients are people. I began to prioritise people over profit, and as a result, overall profit continued to grow year-on-year.”

Joe Hemmings

With Honest Salon Leadership Joe wants to provide a safe space to support salon owners through the trials and tribulations of running a business, managing uncertainty, financial forecasting, leading a team and planning for the future. 1-2-1 sessions can be held weekly, fortnightly or monthly, online or in person. 

Feedback from mentoring clients:

Yoke Salon

Jo Dyer, Yoke Salon 

“As people that shy away from the usual salon and industry ‘norms’ Steve and I reached out to Joe on several occasions for insight and help with situations we were finding tricky. We found Joe’s down to earth and thoughtful nature on par with our own beliefs. He helped us think of the bigger picture while giving sound advice.

Joe is a fountain of knowledge and exudes emotional intelligence. We couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone that wants well-thought-out and kind advice on how to tackle some serious issues in the salon.”


Deb Dominic, Hairsmiths 

“After 12 years as a salon owner who’d made a career from ‘winging it’ I knew the time had come to seek help to get to the next stage. I searched for an industry-specific mentor but I didn’t ‘click’ with those I found until I came across Joe talking about his ethos and belief system of running his business. Totally in alignment with my values and my sessions with him have enabled me to focus my proactivity and plan months in advance to get me well on the path to where I want to be. 

I feel relaxed, supported and confident in my decisions now, being guided by someone that’s been in my shoes with the issues I mention in our meetings. 

Also, I feel Joe isn’t just about ‘solving’ the now but future-proofing business and self in an industry he recognises as ever-changing. So glad I’m on this path now and no longer floundering!”

One hour mentoring session is £150 or 12 sessions for £1500. To book a complimentary 15-minute discovery call drop Joe a DM on Instagram.

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