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Get Kylie Minogue’s look

Anyone scrolling on glam look pics for inspo? We feel you. Who isn’t really? We though you may appreciate a how-to for a celebrity look then, coming straight from their stylist. Here’s how to get Kylie Minogue’s look by Pete Burkill.

Pete Burkill

Pete Burkill is the incredible stylist behind Kylie Minogue’s stunning look for the British Film Institute awards last February. He is showing us how to get the look using Kent Salon brushes.

“I wanted the hair to have a more luxury aerated finish to match the custom Chanel outfit, so it was a case of using minimal product to avoid heaviness and adding emphasis to the power of the blow-dry”, says Pete.

Get the look

”Using my ghd Helios hairdryer, Alter Ego volume spray with silk blend oil and the Kent Salon KS03 vent brush, I loosely wrap dried the hair to remove excess water and to loosen the curl and root pattern. Once the hair was 90% dry, I switched the KS16 medium round brush, and continued to dry. The KS16 brush has mixed bristles with both natural and nylon, this helps to smooth the cuticle and add a light and bouncy finish. Then, with my KS04 dressing brush, I added a little backcombing in the crown to add some hight. Ffinally, to slightly break up the uniformed look, I used my hands and Aveda air control light hairspray to gently break through the waves.

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