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Darrel Starkey – Why wigs?

As hairdressers, we’re all finding our niche… We’re developing our skills and figuring out what we love most within the industry. Darrel Starkey has shared his passion with us, and that is WIGS!

Okay, but why wigs?

It’s simply different

Not many people will have this skill. It’s something different and very rare which is ultimately a positive for you, your career and your business. 

You open up to a new market

Wig making and styling not only, develop your skills but also catapult your brand and business into a new market. For those who perhaps experience hair loss through stress or illness or those who want to try something completely different; this will allow you to reach a new market and in turn, be a huge addition to your services on offer.

You can transform a look Instantly

Being able to offer wigs to your clients, when working behind the scenes at fashion week or on photographic shoots, will allow you to transform a look instantly – from a short pixie cut to gorgeous long flowing locks in minutes. 

It adds to your services and CV

Who doesn’t love adding to their CV? It heightens your skills and can be the reason you are picked for a team, shoot or show… A lot of teams, Art Directors and more recently celebrities’ experiment and have an interest in wigs. 

If you too have an interest in wigs, get experimenting! So, where can you start?

Here are Darrel’s top wig tips

Practice, practice, practice

Like with anything, practice makes perfect. Wigs take a lot of practice, it’s important to put the hours into learning and enhancing your skills with wigs. It is such a niche area of hairdressing and whether you are wig making or styling, do what you can to learn every single detail possible.

Experiment with styling tools and products

Working with wigs is a lot different to working on real hair, you need to experiment with products and tools until you find the right combination for the looks you wish to create. Be creative, and think outside the box.

Make mistakes

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, this is how you learn. Darrel was self-taught, so now often doesn’t know how he got to his final hair destination, but that’s okay! This taught him if something goes wrong, embrace it – you never know you may end up at your destination in a completely different way.

If you’ve made it this far, you should definitely go and experiment with a wig! Follow these tips and start expanding your skillset. We would love to see your looks online. 

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