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Nikita Fisher: making Clapham colourful

After catching up with Jonathan Fisher last month, we’ve hooked up with the other half of Clapham-based salon Palmer Fisher London. I’s time to get the low down from business partner and wife – Nikita Fisher. We talk colour, awards and fashion as well as finding out what’s next on the agenda for the couple both professionally and personally. 

Get Personal

Where did you grow up?

Born in Auckland, New Zealand & grew up in Palmerston North for my teenage years. I spent my childhood growing up on a farm with all the animals you can imagine- pigs, chickens, sheep, we even had lamb & calf day at school where I took my lamb in.

Nikita in New Zealand

What made you travel to the UK? 

I always knew I wanted to live in London for as long as I can remember, at the age of 18 I won a huge NZ hair competition which got me a flight to London with Vidal Sassoon training & a European trip- then I was sold. I still love it.

Who is your fashion icon? 

I really wouldn’t say I follow fashion when it comes to my own style- I feel like I know what suits my body shape & I dress how I feel- in terms of fashion week etc where the world top designers share their latest work I couldn’t possibly decide on a favourite. I appreciate the craftsmanship & vision behind every collection. Personally I love all styles – clashing patterns, beautiful elegant dresses, colourful street wear, mens wear, chic Armani/Chanel/givenchy styles. To me it’s all an expression of personality & I love it all 

Hair styling by Nikita at London Fashion Week

What hair product can’t you live without? 

Hair oil, hair masks, dry shampoo, silver toning Schwarzkopf chroma ID 9-5,1 mask.

What’s your favourite colouring technique? 

Going crazy with pre lightened hair & experimenting with Vivids!! A great way to let your creativity go wild on the right model & so much visual satisfaction.

Greatest hairdressing achievement? 

  • Winning L’Oréal Colour Trophy London 2018
  • Finalising for BHAs with my first ever colour collection 2018
  • Innovative Colour Genius at Colour World 2020 

Do you and Jonathan have any rules to keep work life separate from home life? 

We haven’t mastered this yet… but as business owners we work 24/7 so prioritising work admin into salon work hours is a must, now that our team is growing rapidly focusing on building our business in other ways rather than being in the business is much more essential.

If you’re not in the salon, what would you be doing? 

Having a massage, or getting my nails done, working on future projects, socialising or family time, eating/drinking something delicious.

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What made you want to be a hairdresser? 

The people, the creativity, the excitement, the future prospects, branching into other fashion/beauty/creative avenues i.e fashion week, shows, photo shoots & session work really excited me.

If you weren’t a hairdresser, where do you think your career would have taken you? 

Something artistic definitely. Photography, interior design, make-up, beauty or skin care.

What do you love about colour? 

Colour is life! What don’t I love about colour? My wardrobe is full of colour. Colours look great on everyone, what a beautiful way to experiment with colour in hair. But from a colourists perspective I love really achieving what clients are hoping for- winning them over with there dream hair gets me every time, being able to completely transform someone’s look & the way the feel by changing they’re hair colour is truly amazing! 

Why did you want to open a salon? 

It was the right time. Running a buisness/salon has never been a goal of mine, the buisness man behind PFL is all Jonathan. But we both have our strengths that we bring as business owners which is what makes us both tick. but seeing our dream continue to grow and endless industry opportunities for ourselves and our team is the best. 

Any celeb clients? 

We have some large profile names plus our influencer and model clients. I’ve styled a few girls from TOWIE for events, Love Island and I used to do Brian Connelly’s hair (if that counts)

Most challenging part of your career so far? 

I think being in the wrong salon was tough on my mental health, not seeing a future within my career, loosing my passion at times. When you are happy in your daily routine & life everything flows so much better and the future is so bright.

Now, I literally jump out of bed in the morning – which is quite an exciting place to be in.

How did you become appointed as a Schwarzkopf ambassador? 

I’ve worked with Schwarzkopf Professional for a while – so I suppose they have waited for the right time to offer me a position of educational roles. It’s a dream come true for me to be part of such an incredible well respected team.

What does your role as a Schwarzkopf ambassador entail? 

So far I am going to be teaching four different courses this year, with two being quite digital focused and two about colour. It’s a combination of all of my strengths put into courses. I get to create the day for stylists and salon owners to learn from me with look & learns, visuals, motivational aspects, PowerPoint presentations, positive vibes, colourful & commercial hair, as well as hands on sessions all over the UK. I’m so excited.

Can you send a photo of the wildest hair colour you’ve ever done? 

Of gosh! I don’t think anything’s wild. It’s art, but I’d probably say one of most colourful & proudest hair event was images from my jewel colour collection.

The Salon

What made you want to open a salon? 

With having such a loyal clientele over the last few years plus Jonathan’s years of running salon groups as operational director, it was the perfect time for us. Despite the pandemic, we had a vision and a dream, and nothing would stop us. We have huge business and career goals and we say every day how happy we both see & how much we couldn’t do any of it without each other 

What’s the story behind the salon name? 

‘Palmer Fisher London’ our salon name took a very long time to decide, we had three options: to either choose something completely random; a name to do about hair or use the family name. As a married couple, we both feel very strongly about family. It just fits with our values. Most people think my maiden name was Palmer and that’s where it comes from… but no. It’s actually Jonathan’s original family surname ‘Palmer-Fisher’ from generations ago. His great-grandfather was ‘Edward Palmer Fisher’ and when he named Jonathan’s grandfather he dropped Palmer from the family name. We’ve always loved it, so decided to bring back the family name in our salon. 

Edward Palmer Fisher

How do you see the salon business growing? 

Expanding the team and deciding on whether to find a  bigger location, or open other salons… 

What’s next for Nikita? 

2022 is already looking like a very busy one. My diary is jam-packed with over x20 competition entries this year, shows, shoots, at least 30 educational/creative dates booked for teaching plus more that will be revealed soon – watch this space. 

As well as a lot of personal goals, like buying a house, booking a holiday and starting a family.

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