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Candice McKay has seriously caught our attention with her Intrinsic collection. And, if these beautiful images are giving you all the feels, then you won’t want to miss the gorgeous, elegant film over on our channel – WATCH HERE!


Where do we as humans fit into the natural world? We are part of it and it is part of us.

We are the supposed guardians of this planet. We have named ourselves the top of the food chain thinking we are the most powerful. We humans often build roads and bridges, canal and ports, even entire cities at the expense of the environment. But, nature isn’t planning on giving up. On the contrary, it is determined to persevere, showing just how fragile our creations are.

Due to lockdowns and sudden lack of human maintenance, I saw fresh new habitat opening up. Nature was marching in, passing over the formerly concrete jungle with grasses and shrubbery. The pavements were cracking and providing new niches for seeds to take root. The general disintegration of these structures showing nature persevering and reclaiming.

Inspired y the Mazzy Star song ‘Fade into you.’ A love song about loving someone who is emotionally unavailable and losing your own sense of self in the process. When planning this collection I kept thinking about how the song could relate to nature’s relationship with humankind; and how our ego and self-importance disconnects us from our intrinsic connection with nature.


Hair: Candice McKay • Hair Team: Yvonne Flick-Barbanti, Richard Ashworth • Photographer: Jack Eames • Styling: Claire Frith • Make-up: Megumi Matsuno • Set design: Klara Van Wyngaarden • Video: Orland Martin, Vishal Baharani, Gumidafe Gutier for Live Production Studio

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