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Desmond Murray: The Moment That

… doesn’t really exist! Desmond Murray is one our favourite hairdresser/photographers (stand up Anthony Mascolo, John Rawson and Keith Harris) and we’re loving his latest preoccupation. Des is exploring how hair that moves can be captured in a photograph, portraying faithfully in a still image something that never really stood still at all. Interesting huh? It’s one of the most tricky things to do and not simply a question of fanning a board or a hairdryer just out of shot either. Des has caught the model moving as well as the hair for an editorial mood in a traditional hair picture. Shout out to the fabulous make-up of Jo Sugar, too. She’s a longtime collaborator with Desmond and we know she’s an integral part of his creative process, too.
You can catch Desmond at the Tribu-te Show in London on Sunday 14th October.

Hair and photography by Desmond Murray. Make-up: Jo Sugar.

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