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Wolf Cut with Watts

The ‘wolf cut’ is the highest searched hairstyle on Youtube at the moment. A mix between the iconic shag and the classic mullet, this style is everywhere as we head into summer of 2022. Short around the face and neck and maintaining the length through the back, this style is super versatile and reasonably easy to recreate.

A step-by-step with Paul Watts

  1. Section the hair into two ponytails from the top of the ear over to the crown and the top of the other ear – one towards the back of the head and one in the center on top of the head. Through the back you want to extend and elevate the back ponytail to keep the length. At the front, you want to bring the ponytail closer towards the hair line to give you that shorter finish.
  2. Work the lengths of the ponytail at the front first to remove length and texturise the hair. Over direct the hair forward before cutting the length to around the clients forehead. Use your scissors to point cut upwards into the hair to take the length out and add in texture. Go back in with your comb to brush through and repeat until you are happy with a nice straight line. Chip in with your scissors to clean up until the ponytail resembles a classic shaver brush. Soften off by holding your fingers around an inch away from the length and deep point cut. This will maintain the length but remove some unwanted weight.
  3. The ponytail at the back of the hair. Hold upwards and deep point cut across the length as you elevate the hair straight up to the ceiling. Make sure to keep your fingers an inch way from where you previously cut before deep point cutting to refine the ends. Release this ponytail first to reveal the layers through the back.
  4. Remove the front ponytail afterwards to reveal lots of texture and movement around the face. Use your fingers to loosen the hair and reveal the shape you have created. You will be left with super soft, curtain style bangs paired with lots of textured layers.
  5. To finish this style, use Joico Rise Up. Apply directly into the roots of the hair and then manipulate the hair between your fore finger and thumb to create texture and volume. Finish with a mist of Joico Humidity Blocker to protect hair against any unwanted texture and provide a subtle shine to the hair.

Get ready to see this style everywhere!

For more information on the colour world of JOICO, click HERE.


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