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Uber sleek with Uberliss

There are countless bonding treatments in the market that promise to strengthen and protect hair during colouring and bleaching, but the Uberliss Bond Treatment by Avlon is the first and only bonding treatment to take regenerating bonds to the next level.

By using nano-emulsion technology it retains 98% of fibre elasticity after bleaching and colouring, with no need to change developer or processing time.

Uberliss, meaning ‘super smooth’ was launched in 2011 by founder and master chemist Dr. Ali N. Syed, as a non-toxic, professional smoothing and straightening haircare line that delivers amazing shine, softness, and silkiness while showcasing exotic natural ingredients found indigenously throughout the world. 

How it works

The Uberliss Bond Treatment consisting of four products:

  • Uberliss Bond Regenerator
  • Uberliss Bond Shampoo
  • Uberliss Bond Amplifier
  • Uberliss Bond Sustainer.

The sulfate-free Bond Shampoo is used to prep the hair before the Bond Amplifier which helps to lock in the results, where other sulphate free shampoos may erase and colour protection benefits. The Uberliss Bond Amplifier is then used to reinforce the newly formed bonds after bleach or colour is rinsed out and helps to reduce hair porosity and eliminate combing damage.

Finally, the Bond Sustainer, available in a range of colours including vibrant neons, platinum jasmin, red flame, pink rose and purple iris, can be applied by hair stylists as a direct dye on pre-lightened hair for optimal coverage and vibrancy or to add dimension and refresh existing colour.

When to use it

Uberliss Bonding is versatile and can be used with the following salon services

  • On-scalp lightener
  • Cream-lightener
  • Foil highlights
  • Balayage
  • Toner
  • Permanent colour
  • Stand-alone treatment
  • Keratin treatment
  • Permanent waves

Stylists can also retail Bond Sustainer Colour as a take home treatment for their clients. When used weekly, Bond Sustainer Colour will help clients extend the vibrancy of their colour between salon visits, while keeping their hair strong and healthy.

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