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Texture with Paula Peralta

Last month, Paul Mitchell UK hosted an Instagram live Q&A session focusing on texture and curls with Paul Mitchell’s artistic director, Paula Peralta. Paula joined Paul Mitchell UK technical educator Victoria Panting to share her expertise on curls. Below, we explore a few key takeaways from the session. Not only will these tips help you in the salon, but by sharing the advise with your clients you could improve your retail sales. 

Paul Mitchell

About Paula   

As well as being an artistic director for Paul Mitchell, Paula is an access-conscious certified facilitator and an LA-based celebrity stylist. She sure works hard! Paula combines her love of facilitating with her salon business, allowing her to create a space where clients can get more than just a haircut. Paula says her clients can receive coaching, life advice, and a hair service. Her target is to help everyone acknowledge the gift and contribution they are to the world.   

Over the years, Paula says she has found herself focused on curly hair. Below, we share Paula’s tips for caring for curly and coily hair. 

A few of Paula’s favourite products for curly hair types include:  

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray  

  • This lightweight mist replenishes and conditions dehydrated hair.  


Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray  

  • This secures hard-to-hold hair, fights frizz, boosts volume and adds shine.  


Paul Mitchell Quick Slip Styling Cream  

  • Provides flexible hold, adds definition, conditions and helps protect hair. softstyle-fast-form-product

Paul Mitchell Fast Form  

  • Soothes, tames and secures any texture with long-lasting hold; creates great detail and helps reduce drying time.  

Paula says Quick Slip and Fast Forward are ideal for quick blow-drying help.  

Tips for haircare during bad weather  

Living in the UK this time of year, many of your clients with curly hair types might be worried about the weather’s effect on their hair. There has been a lot of rainfall, and as you know rain can cause the hair to go frizzy. So, luckily for us, Paula has some tips you can pass on to clients, which will help tackle this issue.  

Paula explains that because humidity is extra water in the air, hair that is dehydrated will reach for the water. This means the more hydrated your client’s hair is, the less likely it is to react to humidity – you know it makes sense. Ensure they keep their curls well and truly moisturized. Paula recommends the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray or the Super Skinny Serum. This serum soothes, conditions and seals strands, leaving hair silky, shiny and frizz-free in any weather.  


Paula also stresses the importance of layering products when looking after curly hair, rather than cocktailing them. The main difference is in the application. Cocktailing products means combining them before you apply or apply simultaneously. To layer, make sure clients are applying each product individually. And remember, it all starts with the wash. Ensure your clients are using the right hydrating shampoo and conditioner.    

LOC method  

Have you heard of the LOC method? This stands for leave-in, oil, cream. Paula says this method of layering products is ideal for curly hair types. Clients can alter this as they like. For instance, they can swap the cream for a gel styling product if they want their curls super defined. This will tackle frizz and flyways, making a sleek finish.  

The co-wash 

In case you are new to the co-wash, it means conditioner wash. It’s when you wash the hair without washing the scalp. It’s more likely to be used by your clients with Afro or curly hair types. Sometimes, the scalp is fine and doesn’t need to be washed, but the curls must be rehydrated. This is when the co-wash comes in handy. The Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Co-Wash is a non-foaming conditioner- ideal for hydrating the curls without affecting the scalp too much.  

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