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Spice up your life    

Osmo ambassador Jake Nugent shares spice-inspired trends perfect to heat up the looks for colour clients! A spice-inspired service menu is ideal for the colder months. You can encourage clients to go for a look that enhances their hair’s natural warmth and colour to keep things vibrant. Read on to hear from Jake:  

Ravishing chilli tones by Jake Nugent  

Jake Nugent: “Red hair is always in style for Autumn and Winter. This year, we’ll shift towards richer, more vibrant shades. Think chilli, fiery paprika, and bright cayenne pepper. I’d create this colour in the salon using the Osmo Ikon 6.43 (dark copper, golden blonde) or the Osmo Ikon 7.43 (medium copper, golden blond) for a deeper chilli look. If you’re looking for a lighter chilli, opt for the Osmo Ikon 8.44 (light intense, copper blonde). You can finish with the Osmo Colour Revive in Copper or Radiant Red at the backwash.   

“To help your clients with at-home haircare, encourage a weekly hair mask such as the Osmo Deep Moisture Intensive Deep Repair Mask. This will ensure their spicy-toned hair stays healthy and nourished. Team the mask with the Colour Revive Radiant Red for punchy paprika tones.”    

Cayenne colours 

Jake: “Copper hair was a huge hit last year, and I’d love to see it return. In the salon, I’d use the Osmo Ikon 6.43 (dark copper, golden blonde) mixed with the Osmo Ikon Violet Intensify for a violet copper rather than a red copper finish.  


“The Osmo Blinding Shine Illuminating Finisher will ensure a glossy, spicy tone for at-home aftercare and styling. Encourage your clients to use the Osmo Colour Revive Intense Copper to keep the roots vibrant and resplendent in ginger root, cayenne, chilli, and paprika hues.”  

Cinnamon highlights  

Jake: “To add depth to plain hair, try cinnamon-spiced highlights. Cinnamon highlights are a great way to add warmth and dimension to your client’s hair without going too drastic. This trend is subtle. The natural-looking highlights add brightness. Whether your client is a natural brunette or blonde, this trend will add spice. I’d get the muted look in the salon by applying Osmo Ikon 8.0 (light blonde) with 7.43 (medium copper, golden blond) to tone the hair.  

“Recommend a moisturising shampoo and conditioner like the Osmo Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to hydrate and nourish hair.  

Salt and pepper blondes  

Jake: “Blonde is an all-year colour. There are many different tones and shades of blonde, so you can alter the colour for each season to be more “on trend”. Blonde hair never goes out of style, but we’re trending towards salt and pepper, cooler, ashy and grey tones this season. Think shades of platinum, icy blonde, and silver. This trend works particularly well for those with cool skin tones, but anyone can pull off an ashy blonde hue with the right shade and tone. Neutralise the yellow to create an ashy look by applying Osmo Ikon 9.1 (light ash blonde) mixed with my favourite Ikon Pastel Metallics in Pearl.   

“For at-home care, recommend the Osmo Colour Revive in shade Vanilla Latte. This is perfect for clients who fancy an ashier, peppery tone.”  

Glossy nutmeg browns  

Jake: “Warm brown hair is always a classic, but this time, we’re trending towards richer, darker shades with depth. Think cloves, cocoa powder, nutmeg and cardamom. These shades work particularly well for clients with warm skin tones, but anyone can pull off a cocoa brown hue with the right shade and tone.  

“Glossy brunette hair will always reign strong, especially in the colder months. People love to change their hair with the seasons – mixing it up to match their natural skin tone. I usually advise clients to try lowlights first to see if they enjoy the darker side. In the salon, I’d recreate this look using Osmo Ikon 8.3 (medium golden blonde) with Osmo Ikon 9.3 (light golden blonde) and 8.003 (light chocolate blonde) with the Colour Revive Vanilla Latte at the backwash.  

“For at-home care, recommend the Osmo Wonder 10 Shampoo and Conditioner. This keeps hair shiny, free from split ends and helps reduce breakage. The Osmo Fibre Bond Technology helps strengthen and protect your client’s hair.”  

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