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Shaping Futures  

Schwarzkopf Professional has an incredible initiative, Shaping Futures, which helps young people create a better future for themselves. Shaping Futures, in partnership with SOS Children’s Village in the Philippines, is a training programme that gives young people from developing countries the chance to learn the universal skill of hairdressing.   

Schwarzkopf Professional

More about Shaping Futures   

Over six weeks, groups of volunteers visit developing countries and share their hairdressing skills, supporting young people in learning a new trade. The programme helps those with less learning opportunities gain valuable skills they can use to build a profitable and sustainable career.  

Now in its 13th year, the Shaping Futures initiative, supported by Fritz Henkel Stiftung, aims to empower disadvantaged young people by giving them the tools and confidence to create a better future. Following the training, Schwarzkopf Professional also organises follow-up apprenticeships so graduates can hone their skills and start to earn a living.  

Let’s hear from some of the volunteers 

Jerome Wilson, Schwarzkopf Shaping Futures volunteer, says: “If I can share my privilege or a little bit of knowledge, or just give someone a little bit of warmth, give them confidence, that is what I would be proud to do with this project. 

“Family is so important and feeling accepted is something that the Shaping Futures at SOS Village excels in by making people feel a part of a family. My only expectation from the trainees is to grab the knowledge, grab the opportunity.” 

Julia Schwittai, Schwarzkopf Shaping Futures volunteer, says: “To give my time and my expertise to a project like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m just so grateful to be a part of it and give people something back.” 

Schwarzkopf Professional Henkel

Below we hear from trainees who share their experiences with the initiative: 

“The pandemic seriously affected me and my family. I lost my job while my husband was just a farmer. I joined because I wanted to help out my family and have a business. I would also like to share what I have learned with others.” – Lydia Rocafort, trainee at SoS Childrens Village Tacloban 

“When I was young, I was always interested in hairdressing. Now I will be able to help my parents out financially.” – Jerelyn Del Rey, trainee at SoS Childrens Village Lipa 

Schwarzkopf Professional

“It has meant a great deal to me to be part of this training because not everyone gets to be part of something like this. You get trained so that it leads to a job in the future.” – Joana Grado, trainee at SOS Childrens Village Manila  

“I would like to work so that I am able to help my family because it pains me to see my parents work so hard while I’m not doing anything. When I became part of the project, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I told myself, this is it. The hope given to me, to see what and where I can be.” – Delmark Cabuguas, trainee at SOS Childrens Village Davad 

“I have a history of cerebral schistosomiasis. Every two years I take medicine so that I won’t have seizures. This program is important to me because I have more chances to find a job and more opportunities waiting for me. It is also possible for me to start a business.” – Jeffrey Espina, trainee at SOS Childrens Village Tacloban 

Schwarzkopf Professional


Born from a small Japanese project with Cambodian street children in 2008, Shaping Futures evolved into a global initiative in 2010 when Schwarzkopf Professional partnered with SOS Children’s Villages – a leading non-profit organisation. Since then, Shaping Futures has helped thousands of young people across 27 countries gain valuable skills to move towards a brighter future. 

Romil Rayos, SOS Childrens Villages deputy national director, says: “I would like to thank Henkel for partnering with SOS Childrens Villages, Philippines in presenting our youth with this opportunity for employment. When youth are given chances to improve themselves, they will be empowered to face their future.” 

Kay Brady, national PPS manager UK & IRE for Schwarzkopf Professional, says: “This programme is incredibly important and over the past 13 years, we’ve helped hundreds of young people from the SOS Children’s Villages fulfil their dreams and aspirations. We are incredibly proud of all the people involved, but especially the young people who fight every day to create their own futures; they are inspirations to us all.” 

For further information please click here 

For more news from Henkel click here


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