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Science of Texture Release

The Texture Release® system by Avlon is heat activated with amino acids and advanced patent-pending conditioning agents that penetrate deep into the hair fibres that enable ultimate styling versatility. This is an ideal process for curly to excessively curly hair textures.

What is Texture Release?

Key active Ingredients

  • A mixture of Glyoxylol Carbocysteine, Glyoxylol Keratin Amino Acids, and patent-pending Diamine are the key ingredients
  • The Glyoxylol Carbocysteine, Glyoxylol Keratin Amino Acids and Diamine cross-link with hair fibres, which holds the hair in the desired shap
  • The Texture Release® Thermal Protector spray is a very effective thermal protect ant, and helps to protect the hair from the potential thermal damage caused by the flat iro
  • The active ingredients in Texture Release® products are used to enhance manageability while providing radiant shine
  • The Glyoxylol Carbocysteine, Glyoxylol Keratin Amino Acids and Diamine mixture reacts with the amine groups of hair, resulting in a relatively stable bon
  • This allows the semi-permanent smooth service to remain for a longer period of tim
  • The heat from the flat iron activates the key ingredients to create a new, semi- permanent bonds in the hair fibre. This creates a straighter appearance that gives shiny, smooth results

Client sustainability

Who is the Texture Release client ?

  • Ideal for curly to excessively curly hair textures
  • Ideal for clients who want no chemical commitment
  • Ideal for clients who are transitioning from a previous chemical application
  • Ideal for clients who want to elongate their natural curl pattern
  • Ideal for clients who want styling versatility
  • Ideal for clients who want to maintain their natural texture in between blow drying

Texture Release is for the client that requires choices. It enables diversity within hairstyles, with more flexibilities.

When you buy the Texture Release package, you then quality for 25% off any additional Texture Release products on the same order. Call 0121 522 2124 or email to place your order.

Facts about smoothing systems

To understand how smoothing systems work, it’s best to understand the basic foundation of hair chemistry

  • Hair is made of amino acids, which combine together to build proteins
  • As the hair grows, the amino acids form together as a long chain called keratin
  • These long protein chains wrap around each other like a rope, which makes up the basic structure of the hair
  • Inside the hair structure, the keratin forms crosslinks with adjacent cysteine.
  • The wavy or curly nature of the hair fibres is dependent on the presence of ortho cortical cells in the hair cortex
  • Typically, the more ortho cortical cells in a hair fibre, the curlier the hair
  • Smoothing services fill in the cortex with additional crosslinks in order to create a new, smooth surface
  • Key smoothing ingredient is Glyoxylol Carbocysteine, Glyoxylol Keratin Amino Acids that work in tandem to create strong crosslinks between the keratin proteins in the hair fibre
  • When the crosslinking agent is flat-ironed in the hair, a fairly long-lasting smoothing effect is produced
  • Since the treatment does not permanently change the internal structure of the hair, the stylist has the ability to offer

To find out more about Avlon and its products, email or call 0121 522 2124. Get inspiration at @avlonuk

For more Avlon news click HERE

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