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Lease is more

How to transform your salon interior, expand service opportunities and boost incomes affordably, and tax efficiently!

Few capital investments in your salon business are as integral to the customer experience and salon design, or as significant, as furniture and equipment. However, if you feel you need to compromise on buying the very best and sacrifice quality for cost, think again.

Of course, chairs, furniture and equipment define your salon brand and its quality, and it’s a crucial part of the customer journey…BUT…it’s a lot more than that too. Getting the right equipment, making good decisions about your space planning, and building equipment and furniture around your vision for the perfect interior and service offering are also key to success. And like all major investments, taking the time to research, enquire and see in person, if possible, will pay off. The same is true of how you finance it too.

For some inexplicable reason, lease purchasing hairdressing equipment is not an option considered by some salons. But why not? Other capital investments such as mortgages, cars and technology – in both our personal and business lives – are financed. Your hairdressing equipment should be no different, and there are good reasons why. Here’s just 5 of them…

Lease purchasing means you can afford better equipment – and own it!

Why compromise and buy cheaper, less reliable equipment that’s more prone to breakage and repair? Leasing the best equipment money can buy means you’ll be making a real investment in your salon, your team and your clients. It also helps you spread the cost at lower interest rates. Plus, at the end of the leasing term you get to own your equipment, or you can upgrade it and continue with a new leasing arrangement. Buy cheap today and pay the price tomorrow, as downtime from unusable equipment and the cost of repairs overtime will mean you’ll likely pay more in the long run for cheaper equipment, and lose income in the process.

You can consider other equipment options

Leasing gives you the option to really look at your business from a commercial perspective. You might need chairs now, but what else could you offer your clients, and what equipment would enable you to deliver it? Can you expand your offering and introduce new service and treatment opportunities that would yield higher and more profitable incomes? The Takara Belmont team can look at this with you and help maximise your commercial return on investment from equipment.

It’s tax efficient and tax deductible

Buying equipment in cash, taking out loans or popping it on a credit card doesn’t really make sense when lease purchasing ticks all the accountancy boxes! Speak to your accountant and he or she will confirm the tax benefits and advantages of leasing. It makes perfect business sense, so why not take advantage? It’s especially important now, as salons look to refresh and rebuild after Covid lockdowns too!

Leasing frees up capital to invest in other priorities

With many conflicting priorities in a business, leasing free’s up your cashflow. This means you can invest in other priorities such as training and development, and new staff. In the aftermath of Covid, it also ensures you have the cashflow to meet rent payments and other key business costs.

Reinvent your salon business

With investment in hair and beauty treatments soaring, now’s the perfect time to take stock and look to the future. Re-examine your dreams and vision for the perfect salon, redesign your space and introduce new and different ideas that will elevate your business and differentiate it from everyone else in your area. Takara Belmont Salon Design is a FREE* service, so buy or lease purchase our equipment and we’ll embark on a journey with you to take your business to the next level. 

With more salons than ever leasing equipment and upgrading their salons, every Takara Belmont product is available to lease from one of its approved dealers. Discover more and find your nearest dealer at   

Alternatively, contact Takara Belmont on 020 7515 0333 or email

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