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Hair loss solutions for Black women

Did you know hair loss can be caused by your genetics? Black women are more prone to losing their hair because of traction alopecia and other conditions caused by heat, chemicals and other styling methods. Roots Professional is for all hair types and can help clients with Black and Afro hair to maintain and achieve healthy hair. 

Rihanna - Black hair in braids


Whilst hair loss is a common problem among black women, there is no single solution. However, Roots Professional products can help! Roots Professional recommend the following weekly hair care routine to achieve the best results.

The routine

Use Imperium CBD shampoo and conditioner every hair wash and Blast as a once-a-week scalp and hair treatment. Founders Formula should be used daily in the areas most prone to hair loss with either D Stress or Power Extensions as an overall topical spray to ensure your roots are kept strong and protected.

As a final treat, stimulate the scalp every hair wash using the new Manta Pulse to encourage maximum hair regrowth. You can also use the Pulse to relieve tension headaches, migrane and to relax after a hard days work…

Manta Pulse

Inanch Emir, UK ambassador and Global hair extension ambassador for Roots Professional says: “I would recommend to all traction alopecia suffers to follow this routine. CBD is really great for reducing inflammation on the scalp, it’s stops any itching, soreness and adds nourishment to the hair immediately. I’ve been using the Founders Formula for all my clients with traction alopecia and I’ve seen results in their most critical areas.

I’ve also been spraying Power Extensions throughout the hair to give support to the roots where the extensions are bonded. I would recommend Roots Professional products to anyone who fits hair extensions and/or wears them!”

Pro Tips

As a professional, your clients trust you to give them the best advice for their hair. You can suggest the following for clients suffering with hair loss:

  • As a stylist recommend looser braids or dreadlocks for your clients.
  • Suggest braids to be removed after three months.

  • Recommend weaves and extensions are removed after eight weeks.

  • If you notice breakage or hair shedding recommend clients to avoid chemical treatments for a while.

  • Suggest the client minimises (or completely avoids) heat styling, including hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons due to wear on the hair that can lead to major hair loss.


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