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Hair hacks for football fans

Fudge Global Ambassador Jonathan Andrew and Mason Mount

Jonathan Andrew, celebrity hairstylist and Fudge Professional global brand ambassador, shares hair hacks for your male clients. Jonathan has much experience styling men’s hair, having worked with footballers Jamie Redknapp, Mason Mount, and Declan Rice. It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about male hair trends suited to everyday life. From Phil Foden’s iconic, icy-blonde look, to David Beckham’s Mohawk and Ronaldo’s 1998 triangle haircut, hair has always been a hot topic both on and off the pitch. Keep reading for seven grooming hacks for fresh hair that you can pass on to clients.

Jonathan Andrew with Declan Rice
Jonathan Andrew with Declan Rice

1. Kick off with a clean scalp

Jonathan says that a clean scalp is more important than clean hair. Your male clients may believe that washing their hair daily is damaging, but actually more damaging is scalp build-up. 

Haircare clean scalp

Clays and waxes sit on the scalp and solidify, constricting hair follicles and preventing hair growth. Jonathan says it’s essential to cleanse and remove the build-up properly. This concerns clients with shorter hair as the product sits close to the scalp. Try the Fudge Professional Clean Mint Shampoo to cleanse and purify the scalp. It gets rid of flakes, wax residue, and other build-ups. Ideal!

Jonathan Andrew with Jamie Redknapp
Jonathan Andrew with Jamie Redknapp

2. Score with simplicity

There’s much more to styling men’s hair than gel and wax, say Jonathan. Products such as the original and hero Fudge Professional Shaper are a great base, and will help your client’s hair stay in shape. Finish with a spritz of the Fudge Professional Matte Hed Gas for extra texture and hold.

hair styling male football 

3. Less is more

Drawing on experience, Jonathan comments that often his male clients don’t know how to use products correctly. Clients should apply a product like the Fudge Professional Matte Hed Mouldable to the back of the head. Tell them to use less than they think they need and massage the product into their scalp starting from the crown. This will allow your clients to style their hair without it turning greasy.

4. Much like a goalie, don’t be afraid to use your hands

If your clients are struggling to get texture in a groomed, swept-back look, Jonathan advises they use their hands like a claw. Tell them to spray the Fudge Professional Skyscraper Extra in between their fingers and rake their hands through their hair, separating it.

Male hair styling

5. Kick thinning hair to the winds 

For clients with thinner hair, or men worrying about hair loss, Jonathan recommends the Fudge Professional XXL Hair Thickener when styling. Jonathan tells us the heat from blow-drying activates a polymer in the product that swells and thickens hair. 

Hairless thick hair thin

6. A hattrick – hairspray!

If blow drying isn’t in your client’s skillset, Jonathan’s ultimate tip is the no-heat blow-dry. Clients should go through their regular washing routine and then comb hair into the desired shape. Once combed into shape they can spray the Fudge Professional Skyscraper Extra, leave to air dry, and gently brush it out. This could be the perfect add-on to your client’s morning routine for stylish yet easy hair.  

Haircare male football

7. They think it’s all over…

The Fudge Professional Matte Hed is Jonathan’s go-to finishing product for guys. This versatile product gives mattifying effects and an excellent finish. It will also allow your client’s hair to be re-manipulated throughout the day without going greasy. If they fancy an even stronger hold, recommend the Fudge Professional Matte Hed Extra.

Thanks to Jonathan for sharing this top-tier advice. If your male clients want to know the latest hair trends that will suit everyday life, pass on these expert tips. 

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