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Clean Beauty by name and nature

As a company with a long heritage in giving back and caring for the earth, Paul Mitchell is committed to a more sustainable future. The brand’s ‘green’ actions include: decreasing the use of virgin plastic, reducing our carbon footprint, sourcing sustainable and ethical ingredients, and minimizing the waste going to landfills. Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty is the perfect culmination of these eco-conscious commitments.

The Biodynamic Farm

Clean Beauty’s formulas are made with organic botanicals. These are grown on a biodynamic farm in Italy. Crops are harvested following the lunar cycle to retain their full level of moisture and nutrients. Plants work together with animals in a self-supporting cycle to create a natural ecosystem that reduces environmental impact.

No use of harsh chemical pesticides or fertilizers here – the biodynamic farm uses nutrient-rich herb and mineral composts to stimulate growth. The farm yields clean, powerful ingredients with high levels of nutrients and active compounds.

Bio-based packaging lifecycle

Clean Beauty’s innovative packaging is 90% derived. Made from responsibly farmed Brazilian sugarcane which is 100% recyclable. Growing sugarcane for use in bio-plastic offsets carbon dioxide – a leading cause of global warming. Unlike traditional petroleum-based plastic, bio-plastic eliminates more carbon than it emits, making it a carbon-negative packaging solution – Hoorah!

or more news from Paul Mitchell, click HERE.



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