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A conversation with Lea Shaw

Lea Shaw has been in the industry for over 20 years, originally working as a barber before opening her own award-winning salon, Rural Fringe Hair in Hampshire, 10 years ago where she has become a colour specialist and educator.

Over the years, she has worked on various hair shows, fashion weeks, competitions, campaigns, and creative photographic collections. She has trained with some of the world’s leading hairdressers like Angelo Seminara, Rob Eaton, Larisa Love and Jack Howard with her career highlight being the winner of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Project Colour. 

We’ve had some time to chat to Lea about her salon, Unite products and Runway Ready

What do you love most about running a salon?

I like being around people and I love to see them grow. Whether my apprentices stay with me or leave, I love that feeling of seeing them evolve from having no skills.

How many years have you been part of the Unite family?

Four years – although two of them we were in lockdown.


What made you want to work with Unite?

One of my stylists bought the 7Seconds Detangler for her daughters hair and kept telling me I needed to try it. I never got round to it, but then Lacey’s began distributing Unite products and I thought ‘ooh yes, I’ve heard of this.’

How have you kept growing?

You just have to. The industry changes so fast, there’s always something new. I don’t want to go stale, plus I love learning new things.

How did Runway Ready contribute to your skills?

I was unsure what the course would involve, I knew it would be some kind of backstage work but it was so much more than that. Salon work is so different, it was a whole new side of hairdressing I knew nothing about.

Has the Runway Ready course positively impacted your business?

Hugely.Whenever we do any courses, but this one in particular where we can tell clients we’re working on Fashion Weeks – it gives them a bit of extra trust in you by showing them you’re staying on top of things. Styling is not my strongest area so for me to learn more and do it quickly is a big difference for me.

What’s your Unite product hero?

7Seconds Detangler – it’s so much more than a detangler. We use it as a cutting lotion, it’s amazing for extensions as a sun and charring barrier. It protects, moisturises and is so versatile

Learn more by visiting Lacey’s Distribution.

For more news from Unite click HERE


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