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Elvis & Priscilla Wedding ShootWe often hear stylists declare they are a smidgen bit ‘scared’ of dressing long hair. And discover salons banking on that one person who is prepared to tackle the bridal market (woe betide if they take a holiday during the summer!). But there’s no need. The past few years’ trends for mussed-up, undone looks and braids are a gift and now is the time to re-think your approach to updos. Best advice this season comes from Jo Irving, founder and creative director at Love Hair &Co in Reigate, who has a laid-back approach to ‘non wedding’ hair that produces bridal hair for cool brides. We love it.
“2016 bridal hair has been all about undone looks and ‘non wedding’ hair,” says Jo. “And this trend will easily continue into 2017, but with cool, ‘statement’ accessories. I had a feeling the tiara was coming back, and Queen B’s headgear at the Grammys has confirmed it for sure!

There’s a real ‘Goddess, girl-gang’ thing going on at the moment, too, and nothing says that more than a big ol’ crown. But, keep it current and go with one key piece to your big-day style; either the hair or the accessory. And the advice is, undone, sexy waves are perfectly acceptable on a wedding day. Crown or not.

Bride hair looks

Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Glitter-034“Bride with short hair? Bobs, lobs and shoulder-length styles are super trendy at the moment, and they give a real chic/cool bride look. Don’t allow your brides to feel pressured to grow their hair just because they are getting married! Stick with ‘natural’ volume, matte waves and cool accessories to make them feel special.
“Key trends that have trickled down to the wedding world from fashion weeks and more couture looks, but they are still really wearable bridal styles. Plaits remain a big look, and I’m loving the simplicity of a 90’s french plait going down the centre of the back, but with a twist. Plus the tribal, über-modern almost space age, creative braids that we’d seen on the catwalk early 2016.

“This year is going a bit 90’s with the hair around the face, too. I am usually anti-strands but can see a real trend emerging, and am keen to bring it back. Think small partings and chunks of hair framing the face, rather than fine wisps.
“Apart from the tribal braids and loose hair, things are pretty simple. Chic chignons, knots and soft buns worn on top or at the nape are big news, and the finish is to achieve undone hair that’s still tidy. We’re finally moving away from the textured or messy hair and going with a cooler, sleeker but more organic finish.”
Now, doesn’t that seem to segue with the festival, street trends your team and salon are working with anyway. Translate them into bridal looks and browse Jo’s gallery below for inspiration:

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