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trusted jobsAt the beginning of this year, a joint report from Mumsnet and Ipsos MORI used the 2016 ‘Veracity Index’ and online focus groups of Mumsnet users during 2016 to explore their opinions about trust, truthfulness, information and experts. It was no surprise to us at the time to see that hairdressers were featured 8th of the top ten most trusted jobs or professionals. You came close behind nurses (top slot), doctors, teachers, judges and scientists, and figured high above civil servants, lawyers, estate agents and journalists. Be proud! Today, this faith was reiterated in an Evening Standard newspaper interview with the outgoing editor-in-chief  of British Vogue magazine, Alexandra Shulman.

Alexandra Shulman.

As any self-respecting follower of fashion, you should be aware that after 25 years in the role, Alexandra has been the longest serving editor in British Vogue history, and is stepping down to pursue other projects. In her place comes Edward Enninful, a Ghanaian-born man who is leaving a role at W Magazine and you bet will be bringing in some changes (he’s due on board 1 August so his ‘first’ edition will be out in the late Autumn). For now back to Alexandra’s interview with the Evening Standard’s Emily Law and our point, which is….  

Alexandra tells Emily that leaving one of the most coveted roles in fashion may bring about changes to her lifestyle including a loss of easy access to fashion, media and design houses (i.e. the perks of luxe freebies!) but that “some people have been incredibly kind”. Who we ask? Her hairdressers of course! Without reference to any others at all, Alexandra says, “George [Northwoord] who cuts my hair and Josh [Wood] who colours it, have said they’d carry on giving me complimentary hair, which was amazing, because I thought I’d be going round to the local hairdresser and [using] bottle dye”.  Impressive! For a woman who has long rubbed sartorial shoulders with the likes of Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Karl Lagerfeld, ERDEM, to single out her hairdressers above any other luxury is delightful. And we’re pleased to see that Josh and George remember their manners, and remain warm to those who’ve helped them along perhaps in their careers. Bravo boys – the rewards of loyalty.



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