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News added 29/06/17: It’s all about the glitter for festival hair, so stock up on the sparkly stuff and ensure your team is ready to shake or paint hair fit to shine. Photographs in from Blue Tit – who love a gathering and most recently ran a pop-up salon at Field Day 2017 [Victoria Park, London] – highlight braids, top-knots and surfer styles, all with added glitter. More images from Linton & Mac’s pop-up at the Enjoy Music Festival 2017 [Aberdeen] also demonstrate the ubiquitous festival braid, but with tie-dyed weaves, and glitter roots much in evidence. 

News added 11/06/17: 

At his SACO Hair Festival in London last week, salon owner Richard Ashforth invited us to find out what the key trends are for festival hair this year. We knew before we arrived that braids would be right up there. As Richard says, it’s the look that ticks all the boxes – manageable, easy to individualise, practical and endlessly fashionable. So as an on-trend stylist, wherever you are on the High Street, village green or festival field, you need to get with the braid-in-crowd.  Whether you favour the scalp-tight cornrows and strictly-even-braids worn by the Kardashian women, or a looser, hippy-chick look, search #festivalhair on Instagram and more than 25K images (mostly of braids) will pop up – ‘insta-Inspiration’ right there.

Hair styles through summer

Watch out for coverage of recent events on the calendar for direction, too. Glued to Wimbledon 2016, we noticed that all the ball-girls as well as many of the players were favouring braided styles. And on Mens Final Sunday at Wimbledon this weekend, right there in the Royal box was Queen Bey, sporting the look. In fact, warming to our summer hair theme, the Royal box at this year’s championships was surprisingly, quite a living gallery of on-trend hair looks. Check out Bradley Cooper and David Beckham with the beardy look still popular, and the ‘groomed but don’t try-too-hard’ looks of Ellie Goulding and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

For snappy shorter looks, see how Judy Murray leads the way on the graceful greys, with the likes of Ellen De Generes, Portia Rossi and Billy Jean King also showing how to style it out whatever your age and stage. And bless them, Lilly James and Gemma Arterton prove beacons of hope for women who eschew the straightening irons. Use these events as talking points with clients, an ideas forum for a new look.
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