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EP77 – Dove Palmer on precision, focus and creativity

Dove Palmer is a collector of ideas, imagery and insight which is why he’s such an interesting conversationalist on culture, says Nicky Pope at Respectfully. Dove came into hairdressing as a second career – learning his craft and becoming an educator for the esteemed Sassoon Academy before flying solo. Today he travels extensively teaching his signature precision cutting techniques, and three years ago launched the Precision Cutting Championships. But this doesn’t tell the whole story. We know Dove to be hugely creative and in this podcast he explains Nicky, how to research and bring to life a concept shoot, film or show. It’s intriguing. 

Watch this

During his conversation, Dove recommends several Instagram accounts which he finds inspirational. And also talks about the journey to creating his collection ‘The Social’. Scroll down to see the graphics which explain further. And to watch The Social on film, just click HERE

Instagram inspo

@dove.palmer is what Dove describes as a random juggle of things I like and see. We find it s signature style of retro influences together with Dove’s highly personal take on family and friends…. is a great place to find inspo which isn’t overtly hair but a brilliant collection of mood photography which fashion and plays on lighting. You’ll find plenty here to get your creativity going. 

@worldviewmag is more obviously a collaboration of photographers but again will give you plenty to browse and consider in terms of colour, focus and shades of intrigue. 

@olddogbooks is 21st Century Pop-Pulp-Fiction according to the intro. Counter culture, retro and influenced by the Brit forces in music, fashion and lifestyle. 

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