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EP31 – Branding with Pont Smith & Chloe Herve

Why is branding so important? We invited Pont Smith and Chloe Herve, owners of award-winning salon bebop in North London to join us in the Respectfully Kitchen to discuss the importance of branding and how it all started. Bebop salon opened in December 2017 (happy anniversary!) and prides itself on being cruelty-free, organic and vegan.

On the panel…

Previously at Myla & Davis and Bluetit, the duo opened their doors as a new boutique hair hangout with a focus on fashion and music hair culture. They’re the first salon to bring LA brand R+Co to the UK, the aesthetic products are proudly cruelty free, sustainable and made without sulphates and parabens.


  • 1m 05s – The name bebop
  • 2m 25s – How did your careers start?
  • 3m 17s – How would you describe your brand?
  • 5m 09s – Finding the right haircut
  • 7m 01s – Designing the salon
  • 7m 37s – Filtering your brand down to your stylists
  • 9m 37s – How do you market your salon?
  • 10m 42s – Social media
  • 13m 01s – How do you do your PR activities?
  • 14m 20s – Working with other brands
  • 16m 00s – What about travelling?
  • 17m 09s – Do you miss your old life?
  • 21m 00s – Are you interested in awards?
  • 22m 20s – Any tips for future salon owners?
  • 24m 50s – Is your brand reflected in your salon?


  • Bebop salon
  • Pickle PR
  • Alastair Gourley
  • Blue Tit
  • R+Co
  • Garren
  • Howard McLaren
  • Toni&Guy

Hosts: Nicky Pope & Lauren Stone
Guest: Pont Smith & Chloe Herve 
Editor: Aurore Caboche

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