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Back to business with Organic Colour Systems new products

The hairdressing industry has been able to breathe a sigh of relief now that salons have reopened and have quickly seen their appointment books fill up with eager customers. The new normal brings changes and new habits, but it’s great to see everyone adapting. Talking new habits, Organic Colour Systems launched some new post-lockdown goodies.

“The new normal will be very different to what we are used to. However, the people, the feelings, the love and the kindness haven’t changed and we are strong and can adapt to this by supporting each other and by being grateful for what we have. We have loved seeing our clients again, it felt like the light at the end of the tunnel!’‘ says Carla, owner of Hair by Carla and Organic Colour Systems UK Mentor. We couldn’t agree more.

Sanitiser Gel & Spray

Organic Colour Systems Sanitiser range

Part of the new normal will be an even stricter stance of hygiene levels, more important than ever before. That’s whyOrganic Colour Systems decided to formulate their very own vegan Sanitiser range, to provide customers with a more naturally derived option to fit with their company ethos.

The range includes a Sanitiser Gel which can be used by customers, as well as a smaller Sanitiser Spray which each Stylist can keep for their own personal use while on the go and at their station. The range includes 70-80% alcohol, is fast drying and includes moisturising agents and Vitamin E.

Charcoal Shampoo

Organic Colour Systems Charcoal Shampoo for lockdown hair

Another part of the new normal is the increased need for consultations, even for your regular customers that you could usually do in your sleep! These are going to be vital in order to book out the correct time needed for each client and ensure you have the correct approach and formula planned.

North America Education Manager at Organic Colour Systems, Jeanine, said: “Stylists will need to find out what products customers have been using in their absence and perform a wet stretch test to find out the condition of the hair and determine the correct care products to use. The consultation gives a clear plan of what the stylist will have to do the day of appointment and will save time as you will know the condition of the hair, amount of regrowth, the products that were used and over all history of the hair during lockdown.”

If the client has used a range of products and brands, and may have even dabbled with home hair dye to cover those roots or greys then the hair is going to need a complete detox before you can treat and add colour.

This is where the Organic Colour Systems Charcoal Shampoo steps in. Ideal for doing just that: taking the badness away. With a natural pH of 5.5, it absorbs any unwanted oils, dirt and toxins from the hair and scalp and acts as a natural exfoliator. Leaving the hair healthier, so you can do your thing!

Despite these changes, it’s lovely to see clients flocking back to the salons, showing real appreciation for the industry pros and we know it’s gonna be alright; different but alright.


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