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Running a salon

Running a business is hard; there is no other way to put it. As a business owner for more than 21 years, Brian MacMillan, who started F&M Hairdressing, has encountered many highs and lows. With his partner Kevin Paul Finnell, Brian has faced difficult decisions, recessions, pandemics – you name it; his salon has lived through it all. Keep reading for expert advice on the ins and outs of running a salon. 

F&M Hairdressing
F&M Hairdressing salon

Brian says opening a salon was a dream for himself and his partner Kevin. From the moment they opened the doors to the first F&M salon in 2001, they knew the journey was just beginning. The highs outnumber the lows, but often running a business overloads your mind with information, numbers and decisions, all requiring immediate attention.

There is a lot involved in running a salon; ensuring you work with the best brands and products, providing your team with the highest standard of employment and opportunities, and your clients with the most exceptional services – as well as everything else thrown into the mix! 

F&M Hairdressing

Brian lists some essential factors to remember throughout your business life. Read the below advice to help your business grow and succeed. 


  • As simple as it sounds, do take your time when making decisions. In business, we all make mistakes; it’s how we learn. Yet, taking your time to evaluate all avenues before making any decision is critical to avoiding errors. You will know through time if something is right or wrong, so take the time to process, research and evaluate.
  • Remain focused on your goals – giving up can seem like an easy way out when times get hard. Focus on your objectives, future and next level of achievement to keep you motivated through periods of difficulty. And, of course, remember why you started.
  • Ask for help – you don’t know everything and don’t need to. Asking for help is ok, and getting advice will help you grow. Reach out to fellow salon owners, other business owners and those who work in similar fields – you will be overwhelmed by the help and advice you receive. We all started somewhere, and sharing will allow our industry to evolve.

F&M Hairdressing


  • Don’t splash the cash – success doesn’t come immediately; it takes time. Remember to be financially smart and always have a backup plan. Working hard will show your success but be careful; no one could’ve predicted the pandemic or the strain of the last recession. Ensure you have funds saved to cover unexpected circumstances and emergencies. 
  • Don’t make quick decisions: Brian says to take time to process every decision. Quick choices often lead to mistakes, so evaluate and take your time.
  • Don’t grow too quick, too soon – growth is amazing for a salon; it shows progression and elevates the business. However, be careful not to grow too soon. Running a business is hard, and doubling your workload can hurt you as an individual and, subsequently, your business. You will know when the time is right.

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