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Picture Learning

We’ve picked up a great set of pictures courtesy of hairdresser Juanmy Medialdea in Spain. He could talk you through how to achieve it, but more easy to follow his fab step-by-step pictures. We’ve never seen steps so well explained – not a comb or hand in sight, but you’ll know exactly how to get the look. To see what we mean, take a look below!

Hair: Juanmy Medialdea: Hair Instagram: @juanmy_medialdea. Hair Assistant: Sergio Castillo @sergiocastillo_makeup Photography: Jose Santo Palomo @santopalomo  Make up: Sergio Castillo. Styling: Juanmy Medialdea. Models: Lucía y Andrea. Products: Schwarzkopf Professional

If you want Junamy’s advice, here is his description – but we’re not sure you’ll need it

  1. Prepare the hair by texturing the roots, then mark the middle and ends with a 38mm diameter tweezers, leaving the ends slightly less marked. Brush the hair, apply a little shine with a spray and the hair is ready to start working
  2. Separate a section, taking the front and the sides, and reserve it and then take a section at the crown with which to make a ponytail. Introduce the ponytail through the center of the section and remove a little fluffiness
  3. Next, from the previous section, take the guide wick and make a fishtail braid of about 5 or 6 cm, and secure it with a hair tie
  4. Open the braid giving fluffiness and providing textures. Take two sections from the sides and attach it to the middle section. Then continue with the central strand and make a 5 or 6 cm fishtail braid, open it and remove the fluffiness, then secure with another hair tie
  5. Continue, taking the remaining hair and joining it to the central updo. Then, separate our strand into two equal sections. In the upper one,  make a fishtail braid and secure it with a hair tie. Join the remaining section with another hair tie to the previous one
  6. Continue doing these previous steps (joining the central updo and separating the strand into two equal sections to then make a fishtail braid) throughout the length of the hair. Finally open it creating that fluffiness and destructuring it, to achieve a more natural effect

And there you have it!


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