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#OpenChairNight by HairClubLive

Open Chair Night Revlon American Crew event

Calling all hairdressers and barbers! #OpenChairNight by HairClubLive is your chance to shine, share and inspire. 

It’s your chair, show us what you can do.

Either book a 10-minute slot on stage (all you need is a model to sit in the chair, and a head full of ideas)… or come along to watch the action. It’s a fun night out, with a DJ and bar to up the fun-factor. Buy tickets now!

Fab to watch

HairClubLive #OpenChairNight is like a pop-up open-mic night. Presenters have 10 minutes in the chair to finish a look. A set of traffic lights keeps time. Run in clubs and pubs, the #OpenChairNight is like a party where you can talk, watch, and cheers everyone. No formality. All good will.
Open Chair
17th April at Floripa, London

American Crew

American Crew is sponsoring this years #OpenChairNight with Ian Tucker, American Crew education manager UKI as Compere. 

Revlon American Crew Compare
Ian Tucker

American Crew is ramping up the party vibe by bringing along great ambassadors to take their turn in the chair, plus a haul of goody-giveaways. Word is they’ll have a stash of American Crew Fibre styling gel to gift spectators. And of course some fab spot prizes for the presenters. With two chairs keeping time with the traffic lights, there’s going to be some awesome looks. 

American Crew will also be be giving away spot prizes on the evening comprising:

  • American Crew Hoodie 
  • American Crew T-Shirt
  • Crew Beard Knit Cap
  • American Crew Denim Tool Rollup
  • American Crew Regimen Fibre Duo
American Crew
American Crew Fibre

#OpenChairNight details…

To dare the chair

Who can take part? Anyone, any level of hairdressing or barbering

Do I talk?

No. With a live DJ, there’s no need to speak – just work that hair.

What happens? 

You’re called up with your model. When the traffic lights go green, you start. They’ll flash after 5 minutes. Then when 9 minutes are up, they go amber. And when the red light goes on after 10 minutes it’s time to stop.

Do I pay to take part?

Yes just £6 to secure your space and be promoted on our roster @hairclublive … You’re going to be a star!

How do I take part?

Email us to book your slot

or DM @hairclublive

They’ll tell you how to pay.

What else?

Organise your a model – a friend, a professional, a colleague … it’s up to you. Don’t hire a professional – nobody does.

Any hints? 

You’ll only have 10 minutes in the chair so prep as much as you like beforehand. Hair-wise, anything goes!

To come along and party as a spectator 

Grab a drink, enjoy the tunes, watch the action as the traffic lights keep time. #OpenChairNight is great fun.

Who goes?

Friends! Guests come from all areas of the hairdressing and creative industry. #OpenChairNight creates a social environment for both performers and non-performers to network.

How do I get in? 

Sign up for a ticket on EventBrite – it’s just £6 entry. Doors open 6.30pm. Chairs start at 7.30pm

Our venue may require proof of age, so do bring ID in case you are challenged. Any questions, DM @hairclublive


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