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Mikey Pearson from Manifesto at Respect LAB

There are barbers and then there’s men’s hairdressers. Mikey Pearson and his team at Manifesto London are definitely the latter. Working to ensure their columns are as much blue as they are pink (if not more so), Mikey gave an insightful presentation into his brand’s style and how he use his skills as a former session stylist to create speedy but on-trend, bespoke styles for his clients. “80 percent of our clients don’t use hairdryers, so it’s important to create a softer look for them that they can easily re-style at home,” said Mikey. “My tip is to uses a diffuser to dry their hair in the salon if they don’t use a hairdryer at home.” The salon group, which has salons in ? and ? also has its own education programme, great for anyone wanting to learn how to enhance the experience for your male clientele. More from Mikey here…



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