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Keep the luxe, velvet feel

Suzie Mcgill - Velvet

Throughout the winter months clients worry about their hair becoming dry and brittle. A major concern for this season with the luxe, velvet feeling, soft and silk to the touch being one of the key trends for the season.

Super healthy looking and feeling hair has always been lust after but with sleek hairstyles becoming increasingly popular year after year these free-from frizz and flyaways looks with optimum shine will continue to be lust after by clients. Susie McGill – International artistic director for Rainbow Rooms International shares all the details on maintaining the velvet look and feel.

Velvet Luxe

Susie says…

But how can provide clients hair with that velvety feel?

For those with darker hair shades and redheads, a semi-permanent tint/glossing is a great way to give their hair optimum shine and vibrancy or alternatively a toner which can be used in-between tints for all hair colours to keep hair colour refreshed and shiny. 

For clients who may want to add depth to the hair and don’t want to keep it an all over block colour, adding pieces of caramel is a great way to add further shine and movement to the hair.

For blondes, it’s a must that they include a service like Schwarzkopf Fibreplex within their colour to keep hair strong and healthy during the colour process and they should also book into the salon for a toner between their colour appointments to keep their blonde hue looking glossy but also free from brassiness. Another way for blondes to achieve this look is by adding subtle glimmers of golden blonde tones throughout their hair. This can add a reflective hue to the hair, as well as breaking up the blonde and giving it more shine.

The cut is also essential when it comes to providing hair with a velvet feel. There’s nothing worse than having straggly hair and client’s should have their hair cut blunt to enhance the colour of their hair, give the appearance of thickness and to ensure hair is free from any split ends and is more manageable. Booking your clients in for a cut around every 8 weeks is a must to ensure their hair stays feeling soft and smooth and free from tangles.

Always finish by styling your clients hair using a hairdryer with a nozzle and a large paddle brush to smooth the hair down and then follow by straightening over for added smoothness and shine.

And, should clients take into consideration aftercare?

Aftercare is essential when trying to achieve velvety, silk to the touch hair! Firstly, always suggest to your client that they use a professional shampoo and conditioner that states it’s for adding moisture to the hair or for achieving smoothness and shine. One of my favourite duos is the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Keratin Smooth Perfect Micellar Shampoo & Conditioner.

A mask should also be used by clients every couple of washes to ensure their hair is getting the moisture that it needs. Always mention to your clients that they should use the mask in their hair, rinse and then follow up with a very small amount of conditioner before rinsing again. The mask will open the hair’s cuticle and a conditioner should be used to help seal it shut again and retain that added moisture.

A leave in detangler/conditioning spray is another one of my must haves for velvety soft hair. It will give hair an extra surge of moisture and shine whilst also making it easier to comb through. One of my favourites is the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner.

Lastly, an oil or a serum is the final product I would recommend to clients to achieve the velvet luxe look. Inform clients that they can use this on damp and/or dry hair to seal split ends and get rid of frizz and flyaways whilst also giving hair even more hydration and a glossy finish. I love the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Frizz Away Smoothing Oil. 

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