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iSalon – helping salons cut costs

Don’t you just want to switch off the news and radio every day? Constant talks about the rising costs and pressures business owners are under, it’s all getting pretty daunting. Never fear, iSalon are here to help!

So, how can we reduce costs and save money to protect our businesses? iSalon are passionate about technology supporting creativity and believe it’s their job to help you run your business as smoothly as possible. Here are some top tips from the team on what you could improve on (and they may even help you be more sustainable, too.)

To begin looking at cutting costs – take a trip round your salon. Identify where you could save money and you could be surprised at the impact this could have on your business.

What to look for

Lighting – ensure you’re using LED bulbs that are cost efficient. Don’t leave lights switched on in rooms not being used – eg. the bathroom or staffroom.

Towels – try to avoid using your washing machine and tumble dryer multiple times a day. Instead look at single use towels such as EasyDry. These are environmentally friendly too as you drastically reduce your water and energy consumption and the towels are biodegradable.

Electrical equipment – switch off your coffee machine when not in use. Make sure your team unplug heated styling tools between clients and make sure the dryers you use are as efficient as possible to avoid using them for longer than needed.

Energy bills – does your energy provider offer off peak discounts? If so, look at using certain appliances during this time – for example your tumble dryer.

Work together – open a dialogue with other salons in your area, is there anything you could be doing to support each other? Whether this helps to cut costs or not, now is the time to support one another so reach out and create a community.

We hope these tips from iSalon help, and wish you luck in saving costs and becoming more sustainable!

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