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Hair on the high street

Some news from the high street to confirm our suspicions… 

The hair and industry sector has proven its worth and position on the UK high street, says Millie Kendall, CEO of the British Beauty Council. At the end of 2022, BBC’s Data Team shared that beauty salons and tattoo parlours have prospered on high streets while the number of banks and department stores has fallen. A new tool on the BBC website allows users to check how their local high streets and shopping areas have changed since the beginning of the pandemic. London showed a 6.5% increase in beauty services, with Great Britain showing a 5.9% increase from 2020 to 2022. This shows the hair and beauty industry is as strong as ever!

hair and beauty high street

BBC analysis tool – give it a go!

Millie Kendall says: “There is definitely growth in certain sectors within the industry but that is not to say all are managing to recover post-Covid. Hair and beauty services have always had a strong position on our high streets and pretty much everyone uses a personal care product every single day, from toothpaste and deodorant to shampoo and lip balm.”

hair and beauty high street British Beauty Council
BBC analysis tool

“In the past, we have been overlooked and underrepresented with regards to policy makers and our presence with HMG. Covid naturally pulled focus and attention on our services that lead to the PM stating in 2021 at British Beauty Week that we were essential to the nation’s well-being and offered more to the UK than one could analyse on a spreadsheet. That is why in our campaigning to the Department for Business on the energy crisis, we ensured it was understood that whilst we should celebrate growth in our sector, which essentially is mostly recovery, we must also recognise the challenges. Hairdressing has been in decline for quite a few years now, it is being hit by huge tax burdens, huge energy bills, a changing model for their staff and a recruitment crisis. This is resulting in closures of businesses. The businesses that are doing well are often in the beauty, nail and barber sectors. Retail is finding it hard to recover and are having to shift nimbly to online commerce.” Millie Kendall 

hair and beauty high street
BBC analysis

The industry’s strength

As businesses continue to recover from the lockdowns, we expect to see the beauty industry go from strength to strength, with new beauty businesses continuing to open on local high streets. Businesses within the eligible criteria will be able to claim financial support on energy bills from April 2023 in a government move to support UK businesses through the cost of living crisis.

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