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Get down to business for 2019

Guy Kremer and Yesmin O'Brien
Guy Kremer and Yesmin O’Brien

L’Oréal Professionnel’s Portfolio Salons Day earlier this month was firmly focussed on the business of hairdressing. The brand invited more than 100 accomplished salon owners and team-leaders to the BAFTA theatre in London’s Piccadilly – the heart of consumerville – to consider what’s coming next.

Kicking off a day of business inspo, Beatrice Dautzenberg, managing director of the L’Oréal Group Professional Products Division in the UK & Ireland, welcomed delegates by calling them ‘the crème de la crème’ of the industry. Smiles all round, then on to the hard stuff. Not one to duck the issue on everyone’s minds, Beatrice looked Brexit square in the eyes, and didn’t blink. 

 Beatrice Dautzenberg
Beatrice Dautzenberg

Brexit. Bring it on!

“We have been working in this for two years,” she announced. “We see a lot of retail shift, in clothes and financial services for example, yet hairdressing is doing well. People want experiences,” she insisted.

“The good news for our industry,” continued Beatrice, “is that people are now more focussed on being, not owning.” But, she warned, to survive and thrive hairdressing must remain dynamic. “Hairdressing is a profession that helps people to feel good. I am very excited for this year!” she added.

For a brand that will celebrate its 110 year anniversary in Paris this summer, Beatrice displayed great enthusiasm and integrity. The audience was with her from the outset. “It’s important to bond together, to collaborate, and to act fast. The pace of change means things move quickly.” she concluded.

Monica Teodoro

Power of positivity

Next up, Monica Teodoro, general manager of L’Oréal Professionnel in Britain, ran with the same message of positivity. “Consumers are increasingly borrowing or using savings, which impacts the marketplace. Equally, stores are closing, the online market is growing, and 58% of the world’s population is now under the age of 30,” she stated. “How will the high street look in three years time? FOMO – fear of missing out – will be replaced by JOMO – joy of missing out, ie staying at home. Consumers are savvy digitally and omnichannel – they want to be informed and well-connected. So, we need to shift the question from whether a client is having their hair done because they are doing something special, to making it that having their hair done is that something special.” 

Barbara and Andrea Daley
Barbara and Andrea Daley were among delegates who travelled down from Liverpool to attend the event

Emphasis on experience

The emphasis on experience is an important one. Bringing the modern client to life with words, Monica described someone who was ethically challenging, demanding, time-poor, on-line mostly, and loving simplicity. Yes, the client in 2019 wants simplification, more natural looks, and is loving of strong messages. Her over-riding instruction to the L’Oréal Professionnel Portfolio members, and one we agree with and share was: “Great products and services are everywhere. But great experiences are rare.” Well said.

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