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A simple guide to podcasts

Angelo podcastThe Respectfully podcasts are an essential part of our brand – and to be fair, we really enjoy making them! It’s always great having our lovely industry guests join us for a chat in Nicky’s kitchen to talk all things hair. Well, we have swapped our kitchen for our laptops for the time being, but we’re still going.

And even though podcasts are getting more popular, we understand that many of you didn’t have the time before the crisis to explore this new-ish media, or didn’t know how. So, here it is; a simple guide to podcasts –what they are and how to listen to them. Because we know you’ll love them!

Siobhan podcastWhat is a podcast? 

Simply put: a podcast is a pre-recorded interview/chat made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Typically available as a series, you can subscribe and listen to it whenever you like. 

A podcast series usually features one or more hosts having a talk about a particular topic or current event. Discussion and content within a podcast can range from carefully scripted to totally improvised.  Thematic concerns range from scientific research to journalism, from interviews to fun chit chat. A podcast’s purpose can be informing or entertaining. Or  both, Just like our own Respectfully podcasts.

Akin podcastWhy listen? 

Why not, really? It’s the perfect companion for cleaning the house or cooking a meal, running and exercising, doing your make-up or hair. For the majority of people, podcasts make their long commutes more interesting and fun. 

You can discover new obsessions while listening and get a wealth of information on a topic that interests you. Once you get started, you’ll be hooked. 

How do I get them on my phone?

All you need is an app, that you probably already have without realising. Most people listen to podcasts on their mobile phones, because part of the point is listening on the go. You don’t actually need to install anything. Every iPhone comes with a Podcast app by default; open it and get started with podcasts. Android users can listen to podcasts using Google Play Music or Podcasts. Some people prefer third party applications for listening to podcasts, like Player FM on Android, for example. Overcast is a great, free podcast app for iOS. And there are lots of other choices, some free, some paid.

Also note that podcasts aren’t just for phones. You can listen to podcasts using your Amazon Echo, for example: it just takes a little setting up. And there are desktop options as well. There’s iTunes, which offers an extensive podcast catalogue for macOS and Windows users. If you’d prefer something open source there’s GPodder, which works on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Check out the wonderful world of podcasts for yourself. Why not start with our very own Respectfully podcasts, full of bite size advice, tons of inspiration and a lots of laughs. Click HERE for more and don’t forget to rate and review us.

For more of the latest industry news, click HERE.


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