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Radiant Masterclass

Penny Etheridge

Commit yourself to 10am-4pm on Tuesday 2 Oct in central London, and you’ll get a new perspective on how to incentive staff with commission schemes, salaries and profit share schemes. Short, punchy and powerful, this could be your kickstart to a new adventure. Certainly, Penny packs a lot into her training sessions , and with 30 years experience as an industry success story herself,  she knows what she’s on about. She owns Radiant Consultancy and for this event invites along guest speaker Tom Featherstone from London business advisors and accountant’s Finsbury Robinson.
While Penny will offer insight and advice on strategies that work to motivate your team and make them more efficient and profitable,Tom is a Certified Chartered Accountant and Tax Specialist, with a vast knowledge of tax and accounting legislation.
The Radiant Masterclass itinerary includes:

  • How to properly motivate your team to perform, including insight into operating a profit share scheme 
  • How to pay staff fairly with understandable targets 
  • Simple calculations so everyone understands tax, salary and profitability
  • Making Tax Digital and how software can help your business

AND the best news is that it’s a thoroughly accessible fee of just £54.49.

To book in search Event Brite or click HERE:

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