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Passion to profit

Passion to profit

Award-winning salon business consultant, Penny Etheridge joins us for a seminar on how to utilise our passion for hair by making a profit.

Penny says…

I set up my business coaching company, specifically to harness the experience I had gained in growing my own salon business from a £15,000 bank loan to a company exceeding £2m a year in revenue. My success was driven by creative thinking with an eye on the budget and it’s this very same strategy I adopt with all the professional salon owners I work with. Constant revaluation of the marketplace means I can deliver specific advice that is right for your company rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.

 My promise is to coach to success by which I mean, to work with you, the salon owner, and your team on all aspects of your business to achieve the ultimate results in a way that excites, inspires and motivates to keep the business in profit. Knowing how hard it is to run a business there is a good reason for my mission statement being: “Turning passion into profit.” 

Hairdressing is intrinsically a service-led industry, so I put my own delivery of consultancy customer service at the top of my priorities. We know that hairdressing can be a particularly emotional profession – above all, people need to see an expression of personality and empathy from any coach they work with. This is something I completely understand and my ability to deliver this degree of consultancy defines my success as a coach. Equally, in a volatile, consumer-led industry I have found that agility, and a willingness to be both reactive and proactive to sudden changes of circumstance is crucial to delivering great customer service within my consultancy practice. 

Trust the process

From the get-go, Penny sets clear options for communication. Her preference?  A phone call, followed by relatively immediate forms of connection through DM on Instagram, email or text.

Penny says: I ensure our first interaction whether you are a novice entrepreneur or highly experienced salon owner, is always visual with a complimentary pre-consultancy conversation via Zoom.  

It is within this initial exploratory discussion that gives me the information to organise issues into a three-flag programme. Together, we decide the three main areas of concern and red flag key areas for immediate attention, dropping to an amber flag for less urgent matters, then to a green flag for ‘needs-met’. We also identify strengths currently in the company that need to be maintained. I don’t focus only on the mechanics of how we will work together but spend time talking over why we need to work in this way.

I have no average client. Everyone is treated on a case-by-case basis, and I devise a bespoke programme for every individual person. My consultancy ranges from light touch – a 2-hour Zoom consultancy followed by an action plan – to a more detailed consultancy programme involving a combination of on-site training with remote learning. I believe in the power of in-salon coaching, whether one-to-one or for a team. 

My clients will tell you, face-to-face interaction builds a stronger rapport leading to loyalty; and I’m proud that one of my first clients remains in contact with me – Curious Comb, Greenwich. 

Selena, Curious Comb

So, would you like to see your turnover go up by 35% in a year?  

That’s what Curious Comb achieved by using my unique ‘AOA’ column optimising system – fast and simply effective!

“Penny’s implementation of AOA, her column optimisation process, within the salon meant she completely covered her costs from day one. Month on month my turnover is up 35% on last year’s figures,” says Selena Pang,  salon owner of Curious Comb and four-times Grand Finalist in the BHBA UK salon of the year.

Finding your business coaching programme

There are often only two main objections to a company adopting a bespoke business coaching programme, finding the time, and justifying the cost.

It is absolutely crucial to find the time to commit to your coaching sessions. Whilst I do appreciate that for many of you out there – especially for those business owners who are still working predominantly behind the chair – spending time away from activity which earns instant money can initially seem like a scary proposition. However, to truly grow your business, make it more profitable and ultimately make your life more fulfilling the only way forward is to take time away from within and focus on the business itself.

There needs to be a scheduled time placed in the diary each week for business planning in just the same way you would schedule any other appointments. This practice is vital for focusing the mind, re-evaluating business performance and the setting of action plans. Incorporating business planning into your working week at a set allocated time will ensure it doesn’t become wasted time but valuable time in which to grow your business.

What they say…

62% of small business owners say running their business is a “constant challenge.” Discovering more about business coaching and how it could potentially make the improvements and developments you really want for your business must be the next step. 

Remember I’ve been there myself, and made a success of my own salons. This means I can help you achieve your dreams too!

Find out how Penny can help your business HERE

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