The mullet is back in town

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Miley Cyrus mullet

Singer Miley Cyrus emulates Dad Billy-Ray

Shut the door – we’re staggered to see big news announcing that the mullet is back. Yep, word on the social media comms-vine is that mullets are now cool again and have a fresh, fashion-forward edge. So, put your preconceptions aside, forget the footballers/prog-rockers/teenage-fashion-disasters and get with the programme! It’s time to study your mullets.

Let’s take two high-profilers who are leading the pack in ‘the mullet is back’ story: Miley Cyrus  (left) emulates Dad Billy-Ray’s famous 70s look with her fresh mullet style; and actress/model Barbie Ferreira (below) delights her 1.7m IG fans with a cool mullet-choppy look. If these two are in on the story, then there’s something in it. 

How to cut it?

Georgia Bell at Twisted Scissors salon is an educator and a sponsored stylist for INNOluxe brand. She has been working her ‘mullet is back’ magic to deliver natty take on the cut here below. She tells us: “Mullets can be as sharp or as soft as you’d like, but I think ultimately by keeping a little more length, and the disconnection softer, it gives you the option to play around more when it comes to styling and it just becomes a style that’s easy to wear everyday.”

Georgia has more advice: “A healthy base of hair is everything when it comes to cutting styles like this, without it nothing we create as stylists will ever make a great impact.My two favourite products at the moment are the Moisture Mask and Moisture Mist by KeraStraight. As suggested in the names, they bring a boost of hydration and moisture back into the hair which creates a great place to start when restyling. If the hair is weak and unhealthy, the ends will fray.. And that’s not a look anyone wants!”

– Georgia Bell, Twisted Scissors Salon