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The Rainbow Effect

Safy Buton - Rainbow hair

We welcome colour expert Safy  Burton to talk us through the styles and techniques of Rainbow hair colours. “As a lover of all things bright, beautiful and bold, the rainbow colour trend is a real favourite of mine – I absolutely love it, and so do many of my clients in the salon. It’s become a real stand-alone inspirational style for many, with every individual opting for a ‘rainbow’ that works for them and their hair.

The rainbow effect for me, represents a sign of positivity. A chance for every individual to embrace their own creativity and make their hair their own in their own unique way. It’s become something that clients of all generations have grown to love and is a very popular technique in our salon and many across the UK and international markets.

But, how does the rainbow effect transpire through different styles? How does it work for everyone? And most importantly, how do you create? Here is my top rainbow techniques and colour formulations to help guide your through the rainbow process for your clients of all ages!”

The Rainbow Root

Perfect for those who want something unique and to add a creative touch to their normal colour.

This is a favourite of mine, as it is a huge hit with clients who want to transform their normal salon colour and add something completely different to their look, creating a real statement. Depending on the request of the client, you can tailor the depth of the rainbow and can also create a much smaller root blend – the choice is up to you and the client.

Top tip: When creating the rainbow root, freehand application is the way to go. Do your thing and remember to blend the colours as you go in your desired pattern.

Colour formulation: Goldwell Elumen Play – BL@all, VV@all, PK@all, RR@all, KK@all, YY@all, GN@all, 5mls + YY20ma, TG@all

The Rainbow Fringe

Perfect for those who want an introduction to the rainbow trend

Colour is a big step for many clients, especially when it comes to the bright and vivids. Therefore, a subtle fringe rainbow is a great way to introduce them to this trend without a full transformation. This can be slightly hidden under layers of the fringe or applied to be the main statement.

Top tip: make sure you have a clean base when working with vivids. This will allow the colours to become much more vivid and when they begin to fade, no uneven tones will come through.

Colour formulation: Goldwell Elumen Play – BL@all, VV@all, PK@all, RR@all, KK@all, YY@all, GN@all + a few slices of 10v topchic with 10vol lotion, 2 drops cool pure pigments.

The Holographic Rainbow

Perfect for those who want to make a bold statement and who are ready to get creative!

The complete rainbow look is just INCREDIBLE – isn’t it a head turner? This look is an absolute joy to create and the whole process from start to finish is mesmerising. Of course, the pattern created is completely up to you and your client, however when you get the chance to create something truly unique, your creativity will just unfold.

Top tip: over directing is your friend, which will allow you to give a soft rainbow feel once the hair falls back into it’s natural pattern.

Colour formulation: Goldwell Elumen Play – VV@ALL 30mls _ 5mls PK@all melting into KK@all Rainbow • TQ@all YY@all GK@all PK@all VV@ALL

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