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Importance of a present business owner

Brian MacMillan

Being a business owner is something Brian MacMillan of F&M Hairdressing is truly grateful and proud for. Brian and Kevin, founded F&M Hairdressing in 2001 and from the very beginning, threw themselves into the business, at every opportunity and across every area.

Building a brand, a business and a team is a huge thing, some may see it as a risk, but for this duo it was a process and something to continually aspire too and achieve. It was a no brainer that being present all the time in the salon would be happening, after all when your name is on the line you want nothing more than your business to succeed and your team to thrive, all whilst providing the most exceptional services to those who walk through the doors.

Brian shares with us the importance of being present as a business owner. We know at times, business can be hard . Things happen unexpectedly, risks are taken and we often hit rocky areas, therefore it is important to be present in every area and be part of the team you have built.

Being present means you are in the know

Being in the know in your business is vital, so you know exactly what is going on across every area. Being in the salon, seeing things first hand, experiencing everything and anything gives you a 360 degree of everything that goes on and is happening in the salon, making it much easier to deal with and much easier to handle on a daily and weekly basis. Being present also means you are able to diffuse any situations and prevent any further problems that may arise before they get worse.

Your relationship with your team will strengthen

A big part of being a salon owner, especially with a team is the relationship you have with them as a whole and as individuals. Interact with the team and be a part of their career by simply being there day to day and you will see them thrive. The team will see you as a pillar of support and guidance in the day to day running of the salon and it’s important to remain the strength behind the team. Take time to get to know each individual, help them reach their goals and build your employee/employer relationships.

It makes your brand more personal

As a business owner who is proud of what we have built, having a main presence makes the brand so much more personal and for us has proved to have a positive impact and increases client longevity and loyalty. The personal factor I feel always has a greater influence of clients and they feel much more comfortable and excited about coming into a space that is friendly, open and very much a family type atmosphere.


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