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EP52 – Inanch & Joe Emir discuss life post lockdown

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Inanch Salon

                          Inanch Salon

Inanch and Joe Emir chat with Nicky Pope and Lauren Stone about post-Covid 19 services in their luxe destination salon in central London, where they offer all hairdressing services but specialise in hair extensions.

A little bit about our guests…

Inanch is a artistic director, having won many awards in the past 20 years, and building up a clientele ranging from A-listers to fashion/beauty editors. Not only is their salon a centre of excellence for hair extensions applications, but Inanch is in demand travelling and educations for the Gold Class Brand. Joe heads up the salon’s business operations including marketing and handling the couple’s Gold Class brand. Recorded during the Covid 19 Lockdown of salons, this discussion covers the anxieties, the plans and the hopes for a new normal when clients return.
The Inanch Team

                  The Inanch Team


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