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EP26 – The Ocean Waste Plastic packaging initiative with Kevin Murphy

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This week, we are catching up with one our favourite Aussie hair artists, Kevin Murphy, who opened the 5th edition of the Tribu-te Show at the Aldwych Theatre. Kevin talked about the ethos behind his product brand, how he launched his new packaging with Ocean Waste Plastic and his plans for next year.


Kevin Murphy – Australian-born hairdresser, his KEVIN.MURPHY haircare company develops haircare products, often based on products originally designed for skincare. Kevin launched his Ocean Waste Plastic (O.W.P) packaging this year which aims to ‘clean up our oceans for the sake of our planet and for future generations’.


  • 2m 47s – Where are you usually based?
  • 4m 07s – Working towards the Ocean Waste Plastic packaging mission
  • 5m 01s – How to recognise an O.W.P bottle
  • 5m 28s – What small changes can we apply to our daily lives?
  • 6m 32s – What about Australia compared to the UK?
  • 7m 29s – Ozone layers, green-house gases, species extinctions
  • 9m 55s – What are your plans for next year creatively speaking?
  • 11m 50s – Will you do any shows or session styling?
  • 13m 01s – How do you decide where to go in America?
  • 14m 38s – What kind of shows do you like going to outside hairdressing?
  • 16m 14s – What about hairdressing shows?
  • 16m 52s – Tribu-te show’s line-up
Ocean Waste Plastic packaging

Ocean Waste Plastic packaging




Hosts: Nicky Pope and Lilly Cox 
Guest: Kevin Murphy

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