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Why Afro hair requires specialist products

Avlon - afro specialists

As hairstylists we know that professional products are far more beneficial for your hair than anything you can usually find on the high street. For Afro hair, product choice is even more important due to the hair’s unique structure and properties.

When looking at the hair and scalp, the follicle size for Afro hair is much thicker with a flattened elliptical cross section causing it to be curlier than other hair types. These kinks and curls can cause the hair to be weaker than other hair types and that means it can be prone to breakage.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Afro hair is that it is strong and tough, withstanding high heats. In actual fact, Afro hair can be a risk of damage if not cared for correctly.

Why Avlon?

Avlon is one of the industry’s original innovators in the Afro and textured hair market, with a goal to create high-performance products that use advanced technology to provide superior quality haircare.

The brand’s founder and master chemist, Dr Syed says, “Afro hair has different physical structure, and the scalp tends to be different as well. The hair is difficult to comb, weaker in its elasticity, tensile strength, less moisture, and not as smooth in texture. Afro hair also has higher porosity, frizziness, and hair shrinkage. Therefore, special products are needed to attend to the needs of this hair type.”

Through research and product development, Avlon responds to what the market wants. The Natural Hair Movement has had a significant impact on the types of products Avlon produces, along with the ingredients used.

Dr Syed says, “We are constantly learning about what our customers want and what they don’t want from their haircare. That’s why you won’t find mineral oils, sulfates or silicones in our products. Products containing more organics are in demand and there is little tolerance for ingredients and styling processes that would damage the hair.”

The science of haircare

Built on ‘the science of haircare’ Avlon products are always developed with hair and scalp health at their core. Even the brands straightening and smoothing ranges work to build the strength of the hair while achieving the desired outcome.

“We conduct lots of basic science research on Afro hair and scalp and new ingredients”, adds Dr Syed. “Therefore, adding moisture to hair and scalp is one of the foremost endeavours we have achieved in the last decade along with strengthening the inherently weak Afro hair. We have also successfully transformed the scalp into a healthy scalp with stronger stratum corneum, upper layer of the scalp barrier.”

Avlon offers a range of products to enhance the health and manageability of Afro hair. To find out more, visit

For more Avlon news click HERE


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