“Energy is everything!” – afternoon with Hayley at Wella London studio

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Just two years ago Wella opened their biggest UK studio in London: Wella World Studio. The studio is the perfect place for Wella to host hairdressing courses, events and product launches thanks to it’s super central location. We spoke to Hayley Austin, Wella’s technical educator to find out more about her role at the studio and what really goes on behind the scenes…

wella world studio

What role has hairdressing played in your life before you became an educator?
During my hairdressing career I won TrendVision, worked in TONI&GUY’s art team and managed my own salon. Looking back, I could not feel happier about my journey and progress.

What are the essential qualities of a great educator?
You’ve got to have a big passion for hairdressing and willingness to see others progress. You will need patience and empathy to help people grow throughout their journey. My biggest pleasure is to teach someone from the start of their hairdressing career and watch them grow and develop.

How do you manage expectations and keep and keep students engaged?
It’s important to be adaptable and know your audience. While on some beginner courses you may create a quite casual and friendly working environment, in the more advanced ones you would focus on a more professional presenting type.

How do you organise events?
Behind the perfectly polished scenes there’s a lot more hard work than people realise. Having a strong team spirit, contagious energy and enormous passion make it all worth the effort and time we put into everything we do.

How diverse is your role?
One day I might be teaching all day and on the next welcoming press to a new product launch. I love this part of my job – it’s always exciting and keeps you on your toes.

What has experience with Wella education helped you with?
Definitely confidence! You have to quickly learn how to feel completely comfortable with yourself even if that means listening to your own voice. Hairdressers are people’s persons, so relationship is everything.

Could you share what’s coming next from Wella?
Colour DJ: it’s not a secret anymore, but if you don’t know about it, you will want to! It’s one of the most exciting things to happen to the entire hairdressing industry.

Wella World Studio can be found at: 1 The Strand, WC2N 5EH
If you’d like to visit the studio or book a course click here: education.wella.com/totara/coursecatalog/courses.php or call the studio on: +44 (0) 44 203 650 47 00.

To read more about Wella CLICK HERE

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