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World Gratitude Day

Aurore Caboche Wella Professionals

21 Sep – World Gratitude Day

Celebrated first in Hawaii more than 40 years ago, World Gratitude Day is recognised by the United Nations Meditation Group as an opportunity to express appreciation for the great things that individuals and groups do. Adopted globally – and also referred to as an international day of peace – we love the sentiment of pausing to reflect on what really we have to be so grateful for. With a playful approach, we thought it fun to ask several hairdresser what they feel grateful for in their chosen brand of colour house: Wella Professionals. After all, this client/brand co-dependent relationship is one of the most important you will have as a salon owner or solo artist!

Stephen Aiken, TrendVision Award 2017 Gold Winner: “Thank you Wella for giving me and other creatives in the industry a platform to express ourselves, and show off the talent that we have and want to enhance. Wella gave me the opportunity to meet idols in the industry up close and personal.”   Instagram: @stephenaikencolour

Rita Tuska, TrendVision Award 2017 Gold Winner (pictured above): “Winning Gold at TVA last year has given me platform and recognition in the industry. Since then I’ve been involved with various things with Wella and also been chosen to be part of the new GenerationNow Team, which is amazing. I am proud to be part of the Wella Family.” Instagram: @hair.rita.tuska

Jayson Gray, Wella’s Global Creative Artist: “Wella Professionals has given JAYSON GRAY & KARBON KYD®️ a ‘playground of opportunity’; where I can be exactly who I want to be through the medium of colour education & platform work. Wella are alchemists of dreams!”. Instagram: @jayjaygrayesq and @KARBON_KYD

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