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Kylie Jenner debuts #denimhair

We love hearing about the latest colour trends that are going to be making their way from the world of celebrity and fashion into salons. The research team at Coty, the company behind Wella Professionals, have been scouring social media, leading magazines and websites, and analysing the most searched terms on the web, to spot the latest trends that will be exciting your clients this season and beyond.
One dynamic shade that has set social media alight is Denim Blue – sparked, no doubt, by a recent selfie from Kylie Jenner in which she sported a flattering denim hue. According to Coty’s research, during May some 336,299 Instagram posts mentioned denim blue, with around 20,298 posts on You Tube celebrating the shade. Whether its stonewash, indigo, or an inky blue wash, blue hair isn’t going anywhere fast, spurred on by the trend towards rainbow colours. Hair that matches their jeans is a definite client favourite.
Also making its mark this season is peach hair, taking over in popularity from last year’s rose gold explosion. This warmer version of last summer’s metallic-inspired trend, is seen as suiting a wider range of hair types and skin tones, so be prepared for a peach take-over. Peach hair featured in some 27,734 Instagram posts in May this year, with mentions on Facebook up 21%. Paris Jackson helped boost interest in the shade when she posted her new colour look on Instagram with the caption ‘feeling peachy’.
With such high-profile celebrity endorsement, it wasn’t long before the mainstream media picked up on the trend, helping to make it a global phenomenon. Even the UK’s most popular Daily newspaper, The Sun, heralded peach as the new cool shade, praising it for complementing just about every hair type and skin tone.
We can’t wait to try one of these new fashion shades – and we’re sure your clients will be clamouring for them, too.

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