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Jayson Gray

We’re seriously impressed by colourists and getting to know the big names on the scene is one of our favourite things to do. So, let us introduce you to Jayson Gray, Wella’s global creative artist and one of the founders of the UK Colour Club. We wanted to find out what keeps Jayson motivated and what makes him tick… Read on to find out: 

What makes you want to work hard?
Enjoying what you do and watching others grow has always felt extremely rewarding to me.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Books, but more specifically: words. I always start a book in the middle because if I find it interesting, I know the ending and beginning will be good as well. When I found the word “bronte” – it was so beautiful, it inspired me to create a whole look on a model.

What does colour mean to you?
Colour is everything to me. I see colour, I live and work in colour.

What’s your favourite colour combination?
Grey and green. People used to be scared of green, but thanks to iNSTAMAT!C and COLOR FRESH CREATE it’s more popular now.

What are your thoughts on Wella’s Professionals NEW KOLESTON PERFECT ME+ which is coming to the UK soon?
I love how Wella embraces technology and I strongly believe this new release is going to change the face of colour and make Wella stand out even more.

Why do you love ILLUMINA COLOR [Wella’s  sheer-colour range]?
I am never without it because it is so convenient. I can create great coverage, tone and gloss all at the same time.

Your biggest hero?
The choreographer, Bob Fosse – Michael Jackson would have never danced so well if not Bob Fosse! His vision was inspirational. 

Best advice you have ever received?
Always be the maverick man, never a victim. Once I stopped asking and started doing, my life changed completely.

The most memorable highlight in your career?
Starting my own business KARBON KYD®️ and being able to project my vision in my own way.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Stay strong. Keep doing what you are doing. Do it better and faster.

What are your thoughts on social media?
It is a great platform for education and showcasing your work to the wider audience. The only thing that worries me is not speaking as much to each other in real life anymore – especially for the younger generation

What’s your career highlight?
Performing in the Royal Albert Hall a week after I attended a concert in there. It was incredible.

If you had one week left on Earth, how would you spend it?
Fly to the moon; spend a night in a very old castle from a fairy tale; and make peace with everything. I would love to see the world with no hate, crime or war.

Get inspired and follow Jayson’s work at @jayjaygrayesq and @KARBON_KYD

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