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News added 10/09/18: Koleston Perfect ME+ is the biggest colour launch from Wella this year. There’s plenty of buzz around it, and rightly the Wella team are all super excited and engaged in experimenting with it. We caught up with Wella’s technical educator Fergal Doyle to find out how he thinks Koleston Perfect ME+ will impact our industry… 

Koleston Perfect ME+Tell us about Koleston Perfect ME+?
The New Koleston Perfect ME+ is the most exciting innovation to happen to the permanent hair colour industry. There’s been so much great feedback from stylists who love how easy and straightforward it is to use.

What do you think the impact of KP ME+ will be on the industry?
As the first brand to use Pure Balance Technology and the molecule ME+ in a permanent hair colour range it’s going to shake up the market. 
Pure Balance shields the hair’s metallic ions and prevents them from interacting with peroxide. This in turn, avoids free radicals that can cause unexpected colour shifts from forming giving you pure balanced colour from root to tip *. The ME+ molecule has an altered shape so the body’s t-cell receptors don’t recognise the substance, hence your clients are 60 times** less likely to  develop a new hair colour allergy! This incredible technology helps to improve the hair condition colour after colour.

What else is new from the range?
We’ve introduced a brand new glossing service so you can gloss any depth or shade – from vibrant red to pastel tones. The whole process can take as little as 15 minutes so we think clients on the go will love this. 
We also have a brand new 4% Welloxon developer which can be used when darkening or changing tones. It can also be used with Illumina colour for beautiful cool natural results and with the Blondor family for more controlled lift. We’ve also introduced some new accessories including a hand whisk, which is my favourite for easy mixing! 

Hair by Fergal Doyle

How have clients reacted?
Clients love the condition and strength of their hair, natural shine and softness after a Koleston Perfect ME+ colour service. As they are 60 times less likely to develop an allergic reaction they’re less worried and more willing to colour their hair again and aga

What are your final thoughts?
Wella is always at the forefront of the permanent colour industry and I cannot wait to see the incredible results our hairdressers create with this amazing product.

Find out more about NEW Koleston Perfect ME+ here: education.wella.com/course/view.php?id=5302

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News added 03/09/18: Upgrade your colour offering with Wella Professionals new Koleston Perfect ME+. 
Wella ProfessionalsAfter seven years of research and more than 3000 tested formulas, Wella believe they’ve finally hit gold with the perfect colour recipe that updates the existing Koleston Perfect range. We’re impressed.
Koleston Perfect ME+ promises to deliver vibrant colours, less damage and lowers the risk of developing an allergy. It’ll go down a treat with your clients that are more condition and ingredient conscious too. KP still promises 100% grey coverage, and the same mixing times with the introduction of a new glossing option – which is sure to bring in extra clients for your salon. Neat!
Wella’s global creative artist Jayson Gray told us that he thinks the new release will change the face of colour across the industry. Strong words indeed. Suzanne Alphonse,Wella’s commercial technical education manager adds: “The new Koleston Perfect Me+ will have Pure Balance Technology allowing us to mix faster, apply easier and rinse quicker. The new shade palette will suit everyone enabling me to create bright vivid colours, natural reds and even cool pastel toning – it covers everything.”

Find out more about NEW Koleston Perfect ME+ here:  education.wella.com/course/view.php?id=5302

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* Versus previous Koleston Perfect. Valid for Koleston Perfect with Pure Balance Technology.
Although the risk of developing new allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of allergic reaction that can be severe. Always perform an allergy alert test 48h before each colouration. Strictly follow safety instructions and consult www.wella.com /0845 7045775/infowellauk@cotyinc.com. If your client has ever experienced an allergic reaction to hair colourants, you should not colour. ME+ is present in specific shades of Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Vibrant Reds, Special Blonde and Deep Browns of the Koleston Perfect brand.

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