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Recognising that our lives (and our clients) no longer fit the 9-5, Wella Professionals has launched INVIGO, designed to recharge your clients hair quickly and effectively. Developed with new technology, super ingredients and vitamins, INVIGO aims to reinvigorate the hair and well-being of your clients in one fell swoop. Like it! Plus, the range caters to all hair types so there’s something for everyone, and you can cocktail and prescribe the products for your clients depending on their individual needs. 


The INVIGO care line has been signed so that clients can take the salon experience  home with them thanks to the many care products available to purchase to maintain that salon-fresh feeling. The boosters are designed for in-salon treatment only and each bottle enables the salon to offer up to 25 up-chargeable services. We love that Wella is supporting their salon accounts with Invigo, and can’t wait to hear how they get on. 
Indigo is split into six super categories: 
• Balance
• Blonde Recharge 
• Color Brilliance 
• Color Recharge 
• Nutri-Enrich 
• Volume Boost 
• Boosters – in salon only inc. Brilliance Booster, Nutri Booster and Volume Booster
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