Educator Chris May shares his curly hair tips and tricks

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Wella Professionals educator Chris May

To celebrate the launch Nutricurls – a unique line-up of products, just for wavy and curl hair – Wella Professionals educator Chris May shares his curly hair cutting tips. You need to read this, your corkscrew curled hair clients are counting on you! Over to you Chris…

  1. Keep the moisture levels even throughout. This can be done by using a water spray or cutting lotion
  2. Some good cutting lotions are EIMI Oil Spritz and Milky Waves from the new Nutricurls range
  3. Don’t leave areas of the hair fully dry whilst the others are damp. This will make the hair respond more evenly to product when drying
  4. Remember your technique is exaggerated on curly hair. A line will look like graduation and graduation will look like a layer. Be cautious when selecting your technique, sometimes if something looks layered it may just be graduation
  5. Don’t be scared to work freehand. Visually assess your hair cut and make changes by freehand. Pick the curl up and slice cut into it create the desired look.

NutricurlsDrying curls/waves

Here’s the secret steps to success for drying curly/wavy hair without the frizz!

Step 1: Look at what you want to achieve from your styling: a natural look, a polished finish or blow dry the wave/curl out then re-shape

Step 2: Curly/wavy hair is prone to dehydration so its very important to ensure you evenly distribute products on all parts of the hair to help create an even finish. Towel dry excess moisture from the hair. Take sections of hair and layer in your chosen products. Remember you may need a couple of products to combat the curls/wave concerns. If you are smoothing curls out make sure to use a product like EIMI Thermal Image to add heat protection and EIMI Shape ME for 48 hour shape memory.

Step 3: Diffusing the hair means that you are creating a wider circle of air, that allows you to avoid/minimise frizz, which is great for curly hair textures. When diffusing  use low- heat. This is gentler for curls, keeping cuticles closed resulting in shinier hair.


Step 4: Rest the hair in the diffuser and allow it to dry in to its natural shape. Lean the head back, side to side until the hair is 100 percent dry. Then with cold air separate the curl and expand the form. If you are smoothing out curls/waves consider using a bristle brush. This brush will not conduct heat like a ceramic brush and will therefore put less stress on the hair. The natural bristle will aid in smoothing out the hair and helping it maintain moisture levels.

Step 5: Once the hair is dry you can look at where you may need some definition. Using a combination of small barrel tongs, rope wind the lazy areas of your curls and waves to add definition and create a more polished result. If you are looking for a more relaxed feel, then skip this step.

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