Get To Know: Wella’s Commercial Technical Education Manager

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This week we’re chatting to Suzanne Alphonse, Wella Professionals’ commercial technical education manager. The stylist-turned-educator shares her career journey, passion for colour and why she predicts Wella’s new Koleston Perfect ME+ will be huge for the hairdressing industry!

Suzanne Alphonse

How did you begin your career?
After college, I spent some time studying make-up and hair and eventually joined Headmasters for more intense training. 

What led you into the world of education?
When I was part of the Headmasters Art Team I shadowed Stephen McManus [head of education at Headmasters]. His passion inspired me and is the main reason I got into education.

Who else from the industry inspires you?
Aaron Carlo, previously art director at Headmasters, has been a huge inspiration to me. He really pushed my skill set and challenged me in ways I could never have imagined.

Why are you most passionate about colour?
My obsession with colour started when I was younger and realised that lipstick had the power to immediately lift my mood. The same goes for clients and their hair, by simply covering their roots or enhancing their hair colour, I can make them feel happier, more confident and secure which is so rewarding. 

We’re so excited about Koleston Perfect ME+! What can you tell us about the range?
The new Koleston Perfect Me+ uses pure balance technology which allows for easier application – great for us colourists. Plus, the new shade palette is highly inclusive and enables stylists to create bright vivid colours, natural tonal results, white hair coverage or even do some cool pastel toning.

Koleston Perfect ME+

Koleston Perfect ME+

How does Koleston Perfect ME+ push boundaries?
The new range means the likelihood of an allergic reaction is significantly reduced, which is great for new users. This new launch will not only make hairdressers’ and clients’ lives easier, I strongly believe it will encourage more conversations around skin testing and the effects of PTD and PPD’s use in the future.

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